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From Numbers to Nature: Our Day of Giving Back and Beautifying Our City

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From Work to Relaxation: A Hands-Off Approach to Managing Retirement Funds

Let Us Tell You about Divvy, a Free Automated Expense Management Software We Love

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Why Inflation is Making Underpayment of Estimated Tax Penalties More Expensive

From Director of Tax Services to Partner, Meet Helen Martell

MGA Proudly Sponsors the 2023 ReelAbilities Houston Film & Arts Festival

Quick Tips for Navigating MGA's New Client Portal

Introducing David Long, One of MGA’s New Partners: Get To Know Him

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MGA 2.0 Launches in 2023: Important Leadership Changes and Transitions to Know

2023 Planning Tips: Take Advantage of Increased Exemption Amounts While They Last

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What Cars Are Eligible for the $7500 EV Tax Credit? It’s Complicated

Is the Often-Overlooked Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit Worth the Hassle?

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Teammate, Cindy Boddie

President Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act into Law: Here Are the Stipulations

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MGA Is a Proud Sponsor of the 2022 ReelAbilities Houston Film & Arts Festival

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Give the Gift of Education Through a 529 Plan

We Are Skipping the Holiday Cards This Year (Again) And Putting Food on Others’ Tables Instead

MGA Celebrates 30 Years by Giving Back to the Community That Has Given So Much to Us

New Tax Proposal Significantly Impacts Estate Planning: Actions to Consider Immediately

New Details on Proposed Tax Hike: Here’s What We Know

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Family Office Services: At What Point Do You Need a Family Office?

The Best Time to Make a Difference through Charitable Contributions is Right Now

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A Tax Loophole for Crypto Losses? Here’s What You Need to Know

American Families Plan Proposes Higher Taxes on High-Dollar Real Estate Transactions

Crushing Cancer and Her Clients’ Needs All at Once — Meet Pauline, MGA’s Director of T.A.S.C.

Are You Always Exhausted? Here Are Four Ways to Beat the Work-from-Home Burnout

Key Takeaways from President Biden’s Tax Proposal — American Families Plan

Act Now! Gifting Exemption Reduced to $3.5M in Latest Senate Bill

President Biden’s “Made in American Tax Plan” to Increase Corporate Tax Rate

Broken Pipes? Dead Landscaping? A Deduction Might Be Available for You

What’s in the New COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Just Passed?

Entrepreneurial Business Owners Fueled by Entrepreneurial Advisors — a Perfect Combination

Planning Ideas to Consider (Now!) in Preparation for Biden’s Tax Plans

Here’s What’s Ahead: Highlights of Biden’s Tax Policy Proposals

QuickBooks Desktop Users — Keeping You Safe (and Efficient)!

MGA Makes the Complex Simple for This Texas-Based Funeral Business

Need a Quick Reference Guide for 2021 Federal Taxes? We’ve Got Your Covered

Support Your Local Restaurants — Business Meals Are Temporarily 100% Deductible!

New Law Significantly Expands the Employee Retention Credit

The Second Round of PPP Loans Are Here — Do You Qualify?

Meet the Operations Team behind Your MGA Team

Accounting for PPP Loans: What Are The Options?

Additional COVID-19 Relief Package Arrives Just in Time for the Holidays

Last-Minute Moves to Make before Year-End to Reduce Your Taxes

Everything You Need to Know about the New IRS 1099-NEC Form

Did You Get a Recent IRS Notice? Here's What You Need to Know

How the PPP Will Affect Your 2020 Taxes — and What to Do about It

MGA Once Again Recognized as a Best of the Best Accounting Firm

Nothing Normal about 2020, Not Even Tax Planning — We Can Help

Different Times Call for Different Solutions — Our New E-Check Option Is Now Live

Next Level Thinking in both Real Estate and Advisory

Skip the Holiday Cards This Year and Give Back to Your Community Instead — That’s What We Did

Protect Your Future: When Was Your Last Life Insurance Review?

A Comparison of the 2020 Presidential Candidates' Tax Plans

New IRS Payroll Tax Deferral Guidance: What Employers Need to Know

We’re Getting Bigger and Better For You: Meet Our 4 New Team Members

New IRS Proposed Regulations on Carried Interests

Estate Planning Opportunities in the COVID-19 Era: Strategies to Consider Now

MGA Helps Dr. Arnold Grow His Optometrist Practice and Plan for the Road Ahead

What Comes Next? 3 Ways Your Business Must Adapt For the “New Normal” Ahead

MGA Adds More A/R Flexibility for Clients with QuickFee Partnership

Proposed Regulations Affecting Section 1031 Exchanges

Can You Deduct Unreimbursed Employee Expenses? These States Might Let You

More Than Just a Space: New MGA Office Represents the Future of Work

How MGA Keeps Our Award-Winning Culture Alive While Working from Home

Making Time for Gratitude in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Questions to Help You Through the PPP Loan Forgiveness Process

Need Help with Your Accounts Receivable? Consider Using CollBox

Good News: Additional PPP Funding and Eligibility Guidance Updated

How Does the Deferral of Payroll Taxes Interact with the PPP Loans?

Why Houston Entrepreneurs Robert Cox and Liz Kirby Put Their Trust in MGA

How to Get the Most out of Your PPP Funds

Accounting for the Paycheck Protection Program Loans: What You Need to Know

Anonymous Surveys from Our Employees Said: We Are a Best Place to Work

Asking for Forgiveness: You've Been Approved for Your PPP Loan, Now What?

7 Practical Ways to Protect Your Business through Hard Times

IRS Extends Deadline for Completing 1031 Exchanges due to COVID-19

Still Have Questions About the PPP? There Are Now More Answers

MGA Makes the Complex Simple for a Leading Houston Real Estate Firm

Disrupt Disruption: Four Areas Where You Can Take Control

The CARES Act and Your Retirement Funds: Temporary Rules That May Help You

Advice on How the CARES Act Can Help Your Small Business

How to Manage Cash Flow and Liquidity during a Crisis

Tax Credits for Coronavirus-Related Leave: What You Need to Know

How to Lead in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty

Creating a Company Culture for Women Leaders to Thrive

The Benefits of a Construction Audit: Everything You Need to Know

Let's Get Personal: Reasons You Need to Know Your Net Worth

How to Safely Browse the Internet: 3 Tips You Need to Know

Construction Update of the New MGA Office Coming in Two Short Months

MGA Named 2019 Best and Brightest National Winner

When Should Your Business Think About a 401(k) Audit?

How to Design Workspaces That Encourage Collaboration

Passwords Are Your First Line of Defense: Here’s How to Protect Them

Is Financial Reporting a Burden to Your Small Business? Consider This Optional Framework

Sarah Celebrates Four Years with MGA: See What Keeps Her Around (Hint: Culture!)

SECURE Act: What You Need to Know About Major Retirement Bill Congress Just Passed

How to Address Security Risks in a World of Mobile and Cloud Computing

IRS Direct Pay: How to Easily Pay Your Taxes Online for Free

The Best Tech to Help You File Your 1099s This Year

Internal Controls: How Easy Is It to Steal Money from Your Company?

Overwhelmed or Frustrated with the Complexity of Financial Reporting? This Solution Is for You

Why CFO Scott Bork Chooses MGA Time and Time Again

Year-End Tax Planning Strategies You Don’t Want to Miss

MGA Participates In Ronald McDonald House’s Boo Ball Gala 2019

How MGA Creatively Solves Problems for a Leading Houston Marketing Agency

Attract Better Talent With These Workspace Design Tips

Why Houston-Famous C&D Scrap Metal Puts Their Trust in MGA

When Should You Consider Getting a Business Credit Card? (Hint: Right Now)

How MGA Makes the Complex Simple for Houston Entrepreneur, Cindy Marion

Will Automation Create More Jobs Than It Eliminates?

MGA Proudly Sponsors the Houston Cellar Classic 2019 Benefiting Genesys Works

Another One Comes Home — We’re Starting to See a Trend

A Big Opportunity for Estate Planning in 2019 and 2020

Construction Update of the New MGA Office Coming Spring 2020

Retirement Planning: How to Budget for Your Golden Years

MGA Once Again Named a Best of the Best Accounting Firm

What to Do When Your Bookkeeper Walks Out

Making a Difference First Hand, Every Time: David Long's MGA Story

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Why Does Worker Classification Matter?

We Are Packing Our Bags And Moving — To The Heights!

Why Having a "Crummey Trust" Is a Good Thing

Understanding How Your Business Can Benefit From an IC-DISC

Outsourced Accounting: How to Know If It’s Right for You

The New 20% Pass-Through Deduction: Does Your Business Qualify?

How to Build a Company Culture Where People Thrive

Key Performance Indicators: Reporting to Drive Your Business

Why Is Accounting Important for a Startup?

The MGA T.A.S.C. Team: Here’s What They Can Do For You

Cybersecurity Tips: Make Sure You’re Doing These 3 Things

Has Your Accountant Biked 100 Miles Around Lake Tahoe?

Here’s How Property Owners Can Pocket More Cash With A Cost Segregation Study

9 Pieces of Advice For Women in the Workplace

Small Business, Large World: 6 Tips For Expanding Your Business Internationally

A Relationship That Has Lasted Nearly Three Decades: Cindy Boddie’s MGA Story

Still Haven’t Filed Your Taxes? Here’s What You Need to Know

Good Problems: How to Handle Rapid Company Growth

Everything You Need to Know About the W-9 Form

Getting Strategic: 7 Planning Tips for Small Business Strategy