MGA Helps Dr. Arnold Grow His Optometrist Practice and Plan for the Road Ahead

Dr. Thomas Arnold, OD

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Dr. Thomas Arnold has been a trusted Houston optometrist for 36 years and is also a long-time MGA client. As he has grown his optometrist practice, the MGA team has been right by his side, offering quality expertise and an unmatched personal relationship. As he puts it — we are more than just his accountants.

Tom’s story is an excellent example of how MGA takes a personal approach to each client’s unique needs. We like to look at the entire picture, like what’s important to you in life and what’s your risk tolerance, to help build a roadmap to your success.

Dr. Arnold Keeps Quality People in His Corner — a Key to His Success

Tom opened his optometrist practice in 1992, and shortly after, he found MGA. After trying a few other Houston CPA firms, he knew that there was something unique about the MGA team.

“Paul and the MGA team are just top-notch and efficient. The quality cannot be matched.”

As Tom tells us, MGA has the appropriate balance of being aggressive but not dangerously so. Some CPAs could be too conservative and not take advantage of all that you could take advantage of. Others, however, could be too aggressive and have Mr. IRS showing up at your door. The MGA team has an exceptional ability to take advantage of what’s on the table while staying within the lines.

Tom also tells us that the communication is excellent, and the efficiency is remarkable — it’s just good quality work.

“My personal philosophy is that I’m an optometrist. I concentrate on optometry because that’s what I do. And I try to hire the best people I can for other disciplines. I’m not going to try to be the accountant. I’m not going to try to be the attorney. I’m not going to try to be the realtor. I’m an optometrist. So I believe that finding the best people, paying them what they want, and just letting them do their jobs is the way to go. That’s the way I run my business. So I am relying a lot on picking quality people to partner with.” — Dr. Thomas Arnold, OD

A Personal Approach: How MGA Has Helped Tom Plan Ahead from Day One

MGA has been an instrumental part of Dr. Arnold’s exit planning strategy since day one. From the beginning, our personal approach has allowed us to plan ahead together. And more recently, Paul has worked with Tom closely as he sold his practice, being by his side through the entire process.

“What I would say about Paul and the MGA team is that they have become more than just my accountants. They have become my friends because they really take a personal approach. They just look at the whole person. Like, what are your goals, what is your risk tolerance, and what is important to you in life? So for the last 20 years, I’ve been planning this entire journey for my retirement and the next phase. And they’ve been right there with me through it all. So it’s more than a professional partnership, it’s a personal relationship.”

Saying That MGA Is Cutting Edge Sounds Cliché but It’s True

“Saying that MGA is cutting edge is such a cliché, but they are — they are forward-thinking. For example, they switched to a web portal several years ago, and they just went through a redesign a few months ago. The old days of scanning a year’s worth of statements and shipping or scanning or faxing it over to them are gone. I can take all of my documents and upload them into the portal, and they instantly have them. They not only keep up with technology, they kind of lead technology, I think. It’s great. We are all crunched for time, and the computers and electronic medical records and power points of the world take more time, not less. So I’m busier than I’ve ever been in my entire career because you have all these other avenues of things you are maintaining. But the MGA team makes things so easy for their clients.”

In other words, we really do make the complex simple for our great clients.

If we can take a personal approach to your unique needs, please reach out to us. We have expertise in a variety of fields, including many healthcare professionals.

We would love to bring simple solutions to your complex problems.

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July 23, 2020