How MGA Creatively Solves Problems for a Leading Houston Marketing Agency

Stephen Jurgella

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Stephen Jurgella is a problem solver by nature. That’s why he created Fountain Forward in 2011. He heard a common theme when talking to business owners—they were all having marketing problems or weren't pleased with the marketing companies with whom they were partnering. That’s when Stephen decided to make a difference.

Fountain Forward describes themselves as, “A complete outsourced and highly trained marketing team specializing in branding and customer acquisition. Instead of you having one of everyone “in-house,” you can have an outsourced team of subject matter experts there to help whenever you need them.”

As Stephen talked with us about his journey as an entrepreneur, he mentioned how MGA, and Partner Brian Miller, in particular, has helped him along the way.

“Brian took the time to listen to my problems. He took the time to listen to me say, “Hey, I don’t know what I’m doing.” Not coming from an entrepreneurial family, this venture was completely off the cuff for me. I’m good at building brands, growing businesses, and analyzing data. That’s what I do. But I don’t know how to run my books or protect myself from IRS issues. MGA does. Every time I have a need, they are right there, creatively solving my problems. They don’t just say no if they don’t have the answers. They say we’ll help you find it.”

How Fountain Forward Does Things Differently

Fountain Forward’s success is a testament to their care.

Business owners don’t direct the marketing meetings and tell the Fountain Forward team what needs to be done. Instead, they trust Stephen and his team to care for them and get their business to the next level—in whatever ways they see fit.

Stephen used the doctor analogy to describe it. You don't go to the doctor and tell the doctor what prescriptions to give you. Instead, you say to the doctor your symptoms, and he then analyzes the situation and prescribes you something. You trust your doctor to care for you and to have your best interest at heart when doing so.

That’s Fountain Forward. Straying away from the status quo, they have built a unique and widely trusted marketing agency. Fountain Forward also offers services of expertise where they come into your business, analyze your current marketing strategy, provide a new perspective, and then help your internal team act on those new initiatives.

Stephen tells us that he’s seen considerable growth in this type of service over the past year. He continues to adjust his business strategy to meet the changing needs of his clients, understanding their problems and offering solutions.

Sounds a lot like MGA!

MGA Is Stephen’s Sounding Board

Stephen tells us that MGA gives him the confidence to continue growing, pushing forward, and seeking new ways to create value, rather innovatively. Knowing that he has an MGA expert to call at any time of the day for sound advice lets him focused on the road ahead. When a problem arises, Stephen's first reaction isn't to freak out or make rash decisions. His first reaction is to call MGA.

“MGA is a confidence layer added to me and my business. I know my books are the right way. I’m not worried about any government or IRS issues sneaking up on me. And I have a team I can call day or night with my challenges. I can’t stress how important it is to have partners like that.”

MGA Attracts Like-Minded Clients

MGA, just like Fountain Forward, attracts clients who are setting a standard and differentiating themselves from the market. We see their business through a fresh lens, working with our clients to help them step back and visualize the possibilities surrounding them.

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At MGA, our clients don't want just another accountant. Our job is to be our clients’ sounding board. MGA wants to become your go-to solution for all things business-related. And, we want to help you and your business get to that next level.

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October 23, 2019