Why Houston-Famous C&D Scrap Metal Puts Their Trust in MGA

C&D Scrap Metal

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C&D Scrap Metal, Houston’s premier metal recycling facility, is currently celebrating their 40th year in business. MGA has been their trusted accountant for many years, always staying ahead of the curve to meet their needs as a growing business.

Dennis Laviage, owner and CEO of Houston-famous C&D Scrap Metal, tells us, “They are always staying up to date on the new rules and regulations that our government sets in place. At any point in time, if we have an issue of any sort, we can call, and we’re going to get a response from one of their team members.”

C&D Scrap Metal’s Great History

This Houston-based company specializes in recycling metal-only products, roughly two to three thousand tons per month. While this year marks C&D’s 40th year in business, Dennis tells us that he has been in the scrap business for most of his life. He grew up in it and started his own company in 1979, setting out to hustle the American dream.

Dennis takes great pride in how he’s successfully grown his business and its reputation within the industry.

So, what exactly does C&D do? They buy and sell scrap every single day, and they ship both domestically and internationally. The scrap material they receive comes from people just like us—homeowners, machine shops, sheet metal shops, construction companies, plumbers, electricians, etc. These people bring in their scrap metal, and Dennis’s company buys it for a certain price per pound. Then C&D separates each grade of material so that after it leaves their facility, it’s ready to go straight to the mills. From there, the materials are remelted so that the new product can be reused and recycled again.

Dennis explains to us that it’s much easier to recycle scrap than it is to get the metal out of the ore or the ground. It’s an important industry, as you can’t simply put metal out to waste. So what Dennis and his company are doing is a great way to make that waste valuable again.

MGA Has Provided Insights and Technical Support as Dennis Grew His Business

Dennis tells us that MGA has delivered the kind of advice and technical support that he needed as he built his business over the years. “Any time that we need them, they are there.”

“They are very up on what they do. If any new laws are going to affect us, they’re going to let us know. We have a lot of different needs that require a full-scope firm. Russ and the MGA team are just that. They take care of our business and make sure that we’re legal all the way around.” — Dennis Laviage

MGA Makes the Complex Simple for a Variety of Industries

As Dennis mentioned, we are a full-scope accounting firm. We offer a variety of business advisory and accounting services and work with a number of different industries on their complex problems.

We believe that no two businesses are the same. Each has its own set of challenges and needs. That’s why we genuinely get to know the unique details of your business and then create a personalized approach.

If you are looking for a trusted advisor to have your back as you grow your business, let’s talk!

We are ready when you are.

October 10, 2019