Lost in the Merger: Ricky's Search for a Workplace That Feels Like Home

Ricky Team Member Feature 2024

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Ricky's story is one we hear often: A smaller-sized accounting firm gets acquired by a much larger one, and those who thrived in the intimacy of the smaller setting suddenly feel swallowed up. It's a narrative of change, adaptation, and, ultimately, finding a place where one truly belongs.

Ricky's transition from a close-knit company environment to the overwhelming expanse of a global firm, and his eventual move to MGA to find that perfect balance again, highlights a journey many professionals in the industry can relate to.

A Change in Scale: When a Small Firm Joins a Larger Entity

Ricky's professional journey began right out of college with an internship at a smaller-sized firm. This experience shaped his career aspirations early on. He enjoyed the professional family environment and the opportunity to make a real impact. After finishing his studies, Ricky returned to work there full-time, dedicating eight years to a company that felt like home.

The Firm's merger with a much larger international company marked a significant change in Ricky's career. New buildings, procedures, and a culture shift transformed the workplace he knew. The small Firm's approach of talking things out and making decisions together faded away and was replaced by a top-down style of management.

As the company grew, so did Ricky's realization that he needed to find a place more aligned with his original vision of the ideal work environment. Ricky valued a workplace where he could have a say in decisions, especially when it came to new challenges or changes in the industry.

Enter MGA: Ricky’s Journey Back to Belonging

MGA stood out to Ricky for its commitment to maintaining a small, close-knit feel. It wasn't just about knowing everyone's name; it was about having the freedom to make decisions and drive change without jumping through hoops. Joining MGA last summer, Ricky found a place that promised not just a job but a culture where he felt valued and heard.

Ricky tells us that he loves MGA's culture and the people. For him, it's all about the sense of belonging and the ability to contribute meaningfully. At MGA, he found the balance he was looking for between professional growth and personal connection.

Can You Relate to Ricky’s Story? If So, Come See What MGA Is All About

Ricky's story is more than a career journey; it's a reminder of the importance of finding a workplace that resonates with one’s values and aspirations. At MGA, he found a firm that values its people as much as its clients, ensuring that as it grows, it remains a place where everyone feels like they belong.

Ricky's path to MGA illustrates our dedication to our culture and our people, making it an ideal home for professionals who value connection, autonomy, and a sense of community. As MGA continues to evolve, stories like Ricky's serve as a beacon for others seeking a fulfilling career in a supportive and dynamic environment.

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May 28, 2024
Posted in Our Team, Meet Our Team