More Than Just a Space: New MGA Office Represents the Future of Work

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As we slowly move into our new office, focusing on keeping our team members and clients safe during the process, we decided to ask our team: what does the new office mean to you?

As we suspected, it’s much more than just a new office space. Embracing modern workspaces is the future of work, setting the stage for the next chapter of MGA.

The future of accounting, or any industry for that matter, is to embrace collaboration and flexibility. To integrate work and play, which is precisely what MGA has done by choosing to office in a new mixed-use development in The Heights, MKT.

Hear what our long-time team member Cindy Boddie has to say about our new office and how it represents the future of work and MGA.

“Our New Office Will Provide the Atmosphere to Encompass the Future of Accounting”

Cindy has been part of the MGA team for nearly thirty years. She has watched the Firm grow leaps and bounds since those first years in the Westheimer office, then the Richmond office. She was with MGA for our big move to Midtown twenty years ago, which was groundbreaking at the time. It only fits that we continue on the same path with our new home in The Heights, which is in the center of Houston’s current re-urbanization. 

Cindy tells us that while she’s watched the Firm grow in size and location, she’s mostly seen MGA expand in the insight of our changing accounting world.

“We have always been at the forefront of offering new and advanced services to our clients. From medical billing to forensic accounting to cost segregations, we have been the first to venture out and grab the knowledge and technology necessary to provide the most effective products.

We are again charting the way for a brand new exciting segment to add to the MGA story. Our new office will provide the atmosphere to reach beyond the normal and encompass the future of accounting and consulting services. Our team of professionals is geared up, ready to hit the ground running, ready to press the turbo-charge to the future.”

Think Ahead: Transitioning to the Future of Work and the Workplace

As work and the workforce continue to change, the workplace must adapt. We’ve designed our new office with that in mind, embracing smart technology and flexible designs.

Since office design has been in the front and center of our minds leading up to our office move, we have many ideas and trends that we would love to share with you. We’d love to help you think about your business from all different aspects. Sure, we do accounting and numbers, but we can also help you with your company culture, remote working solutions, office design tips, and much more.

We are here to make the complex simple.

Let’s talk!

June 24, 2020
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