Meet Sam Sicker, The Accountant Who Found Balance on the Continental Divide and at MGA

Sam Sicker Team Feature 2023

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In an industry known for its grueling hours and relentless demands, the field of public accounting is often perceived as a crucible where only the toughest survive. As accountants brace for the annual 'busy season' — a time of year characterized by extreme workloads, tight deadlines, and a heightened sense of urgency — the dream of work-life balance seems increasingly elusive.

At MGA, however, we're challenging the status quo by fostering an environment where a nurturing culture and an understanding of individuality balance rigorous expectations. But don't just take our word for it; consider the experience of Sam Sicker, a member of our tax team who was once ready to leave public accounting but discovered a fulfilling career with us instead.

A 2000-Mile Transformation along the Continental Divide

When Sam was in school and chose accounting as her field of study, it wasn't out of passion but practicality. And after getting a few busy seasons under her belt and navigating the high-pressure environment of the accounting world, the relentless grind began to take its toll.

Feeling both unfulfilled and overwhelmed, Sam reached a decisive moment. She chose to leave her job and embark on a transformative 2,000-mile hike along the Continental Divide with her husband. This eye-opening journey led her to discover untapped strengths and values, fundamentally changing her perspective. She returned reinvigorated, committed to making every day meaningful.

Here’s a glimpse of the route Sam spent hiking day in and day out for six months, where she tackled the highlighted sections.

Sams Continental Divide Route 2023

From Burnout to Work-Life Balance: Sam Found the Perfect Blend at MGA

Sam re-entered the workforce but was cautious about where she’d land next. She had a very specific vision: a small firm that felt like a family, coupled with an organized structure that facilitated continuous learning and work-life balance. After interviewing with over a dozen firms, Sam found exactly what she was looking for at MGA.

When we asked Sam what set MGA apart from the rest, she said the Firm's philosophy resonated with her most. During her interview, she was particularly impressed by the depth of the training programs offered and the culture of continuous learning. And after being on the team for almost a year now, Sam can attest first-hand that MGA lived up to its promises.

Work-life balance is another significant aspect that Sam appreciates about MGA. She believes expecting people to work 80-hour weeks during busy season is unrealistic. Here, she has found a place that respects personal time and encourages a healthy balance, something she deeply values after her six months on the trail.

More Than Just a Job: Sam Found a Professional Home at MGA

Sam has found a work environment at MGA that offers emotional and intellectual satisfaction. The Firm has a social aspect that makes the daily grind enjoyable. More importantly, she feels at home and supported, not just as an employee but as a person with her own unique story.

In the end, Sam’s journey has led her to a place where she can truly be herself, and that's what makes MGA special to her. It’s not just about the job; it’s about finding a place where you can grow, both professionally and personally.

Ready for a New Chapter in Public Accounting? Discover Your Potential at MGA Today

If you’re searching for an opportunity that offers “more,” consider MGA. Like Sam, you might just find your home away from home.

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November 14, 2023
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