MGA Makes the Complex Simple for a Leading Houston Commercial Real Estate Firm

David Greenberg

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David Greenberg, Founder and President of Greenberg & Company, has been a long-time MGA client for nearly thirty years. As David and his company are out offering the best commercial real estate services to the Houston area, MGA is in the background monitoring their numbers daily. This gives David comfort and peace of mind, allowing him to focus on the things that truly matter to his business—not the back-office duties.

“The MGA team is very diligent, very efficient, and offers phenomenal advice on a variety of circumstances that best fit our needs at any given time. It’s comforting to know you’re working with people like that. I like being able to trust the people I work with and also to trust their ability to do what they say they’re going to do. And I have that with MGA.” — David Greenberg

Greenberg & Company and MGA: A Partnership That Has Lasted Nearly 3 Decades

Greenberg & Company is a leading Houston commercial real estate firm that can empathize with building a business in today’s market. David Greenberg and his team know the challenges many business owners and investors face in buying, leasing, and selling commercial real estate in Houston. There is more than just the price that goes to make real estate a winning proposition.

They own and operate around fifty properties, ranging from banking sites to small office buildings, retail centers, office warehousing, and things of that nature. They have a few hundred tenants, and because of that, they need a diligent accounting firm they can trust to monitor all of their operations.

David tells us that he also does a lot of representation work for many clients. Let’s say you need to find the facility that fits your intended use for whatever your business purpose is. David and his team are the ones who will go out and find that facility for you, making sure it fits within your criteria from location to size to budget. If needed, they will also follow up with help in construction and finance.

With MGA working in the background to manage all of the properties’ accounting and finance needs, David and his team can truly be there for their clients and focus on the Greenberg experience. And as his company grows, we are right there growing with them. We continue to provide services that encompass everything they need.

“When it comes to having new things come up, if they don’t have the answers, they get the answers. They are always readily available to assist with different opportunities that come up for our industry, too, like the 1031 tax-free exchange. We are always reaching out to them for their expertise in a multitude of areas.” — David Greenberg

MGA Is More Than Just Taxes to David, We Are His Trusted Business Advisors

Just like David, many of our clients come to us for more than just tax and accounting advice. They look for us to be their business advisors, to find the answers they need even if we don’t have them up front.

If you’re looking for a team of experts to be your sounding board and your go-to solution for all things business-related, let’s talk!

Wherever you are headed, MGA is here to help you get there.

April 7, 2020