Growing Your Family and Your Career at the Same Time: See How Sam Successfully Does It at MGA


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Samantha Rodriguez celebrated four years with MGA this spring, and we are excited to share a piece of her success story — a superhero mom of two toddlers who handles her full-time role as an accountant at MGA like a rockstar.

While accounting firms can be daunting places to work, that’s not the case at MGA. Take it from our full-time accountant and mom-extraordinaire, who effortlessly juggles her professional responsibilities while caring for her two toddlers. Despite the hustle, deadlines, and quest for precision in her role, she thrives, affirming MGA's supportive work environment.

Read more to see how Sam has grown her skills and career while taking two maternity leaves and growing her family.

Samantha’s MGA Story: One of Dedication, Growth, and Unwavering Support

Sam’s MGA journey started in 2019 when her family had just moved to Houston after her husband found a new job opportunity. With a Business Finance degree and a robust company management background, she was determined to find her long-term work home in Houston's vibrant business landscape.

After sending her resume out to numerous leading firms, it was MGA that took notice. While Sam was nervous being five months pregnant during her interview, she was warmed over when she was welcomed with open arms and offered a role in our Tax Department as Firm Bookkeeping Support. It was a testament to MGA's commitment to its employees and all things important in their lives, whether it be profession, family, or both. Since then, MGA has been more than a workplace for her; it's her second home.

MGA’s supportive environment continues to be a highlight for Sam, with her team being amongst the most excited to hear about her second pregnancy. She acknowledges that having an employee on maternity leave is a significant transition, particularly in an accounting firm where client relationships are crucial. Yet, she proudly wears her loyalty to MGA, reflecting the support and love she has received from the Firm.

In the past couple of years, not only has her family grown with two beautiful babies, but her role at MGA has also blossomed. She has navigated through different departments within the Firm, continually exceeding her own expectations from the initial role she was hired for. Now, she serves as a Senior Financial Analyst in our F.A.S.T. department, where her skills have soared, much like her confidence.

Work with a Firm That Cares — About Your Career and Your Life Milestones

Sam’s story serves as a testament to MGA's nurturing work culture. We believe in empowering our team members to reach their full potential while maintaining a work-life balance — whatever that may look like to each of them.

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July 25, 2023
Posted in Our Team, Meet Our Team