Building More Than Homes: The Story of Jamestown Estate Homes and their Partnership with MGA

Jamestown Estate Homes

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In 2010, a family dream materialized with the founding of Jamestown Estate Homes, taking its name from the first lot purchased on Jamestown Road in Piney Point. At the helm are three dynamic sisters: Elizabeth, Katy, and Victoria, backed by the guiding experience of their father, Greg Hawes, a venerable figure in the Houston home-building landscape.

For nearly two decades prior, Greg had presided over one of the city's largest semi-custom builders. Yet, Jamestown Estate Homes represented a new era, emphasizing a more intimate, full custom, luxury home-building approach. Not only is this venture a successful business, but it is also a gathering of family and close associates, forging a team where work feels less like a duty and more like a shared passion.

True to their values, Jamestown Estate Homes nurtures the concept of a family business, working with people they genuinely enjoy including partners like MGA.

Amidst the ever-evolving tax laws and the challenges brought on by Covid, the company sought a new CPA to guide them through the financial intricacies of their thriving business. Enter MGA, a perfect match that understood their needs and vision. After interviewing several firms, Katy Hawes, Comptroller at Jamestown Estate Homes, felt an immediate connection with MGA Partners Adam Barr and David Long, who resonated with their goals and aspirations.

The company works with MGA on a variety of tax and assurance needs, most recently a balance sheet audit and a compilation of financial statements for their lender. Katy tells us that the audit proved to be a smooth and collaborative endeavor. The MGA assurance team went above and beyond, visiting their various spread-out building sites without a hint of complaint.

MGA understands issues specific to the home building industry, and can therefore offer a tailored approach to Jamestown Estate Homes’ needs.

Throughout their engagement with MGA, the team felt heard and understood, thanks to MGA's tailored approach and industry-specific questions that delved into the nuances of home building. Katy tells us how refreshing it is to have someone who understands what they do, displaying a true understanding of the custom and spec sales intricacies that Jamestown Estate Homes specializes in.

For Jamestown Estate Homes, working with MGA has been a delightful experience, with open lines of communication and a genuine understanding of their business. MGA's support has enabled them to focus on their true passion — building homes and relationships that stand the test of time.

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The journey of Jamestown Estate Homes exemplifies the power of family, passion, and finding the right partners. With MGA by their side, they continue to build not only dream homes but also lasting connections with clients who entrust them with their visions and aspirations. Together, they create spaces that families can call home, where comfort and happiness find their true expression.

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October 10, 2023