Having Trouble Hiring That Perfect Fit? Our Staffing Solutions Might be for You

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It’s no secret that many companies are short-staffed right now. Some employees are exploring new careers, while others are simply burnt out. Many have decided to leave the workforce altogether and stay home for a variety of reasons, like caring for children. The reasons are endless, but the bottom line remains the same: hiring and retaining great employees right now can be a challenge.

Has the great resignation affected you and your business? If so, our T.A.S.C. team can help. Whether you are looking to add permanent accounting/finance staff or simply looking for interim help, we have flexible solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is always to make the complex simple for you. That’s what this service is all about.

Below we’ve outlined a few scenarios where we can add value. Do any of them relate to you? If so, it might be time for us to talk.

Short on Accounting / Finance Staff? We Are Here to Help

Many businesses are afraid to make staff changes right now because they might not be able to find a replacement due to the current market. Perhaps you have a person in place, but the job is just not getting done effectively. If so, we can step in and help on an interim basis while actively recruiting a replacement on your behalf. Once we secure a good fit for you and your business, we can transition them into the role by training them, sharing documented processes and procedures, and bringing them up to speed. You can rest easy knowing that it will be a smooth and seamless transition of all your crucial accounting and finance tasks.

Another scenario that we often see is companies that do not have key personnel in place. Maybe one of your great team members decided to make a change, leaving you with an operational gap. Outsourcing your accounting operations to us is a great way to never worry about managing an accounting staff again — how many people you need, if they will show up, etc. Also, you can hire us in the interim if you just want help while you find a replacement.

We have also worked with many clients experiencing a significant growth in their market. We can assist by temporarily supplementing your staff until you find the additional team members you are looking for or until the current growth becomes more stable or manageable.

Are you worried about the cost? We have a very strong outsourced accounting team in India for standardized accounting processes. We can help you by utilizing our team, assisting in the initial onboarding processes, and having our team work directly with you. You get the benefit of our years of developing this relationship.

Recruitment, Training, Process and Procedure Documentation, New Hire Onboarding — You Name It, We Can Do It

Skip the long, drawn-out recruitment and training processes, and save yourself the considerable recruitment fees. We do this all the time and can have your new accounting department up and running without the stress of doing it yourself.

Our staffing solutions can also be tailored to your specific needs, so if you have a problem that isn’t quite outlined here, reach out to us. We would love to work with you, taking your complex problems and making them simple.

Let’s talk!

February 28, 2022