Measure Success Your Way: How Custom Reporting Can Drive Your Business


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When you think of accounting reports, you probably think about cash flow statements, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets. While these reports provide important insight into your business’s financial well-being, they only paint part of the picture.

At MGA, we can take all of your data in and utilize technology to give you custom reports that can help drive your company’s success. We can also implement this technology for you to use on your own, create custom reports that fit your specific business, and then teach your staff how to run them.

No matter your particular situation, we are here to help you get more out of the data you already have. It’s not just about reporting on your history but also about telling you where you’re headed.

Why Custom Accounting Reports Are Essential for Your Business

Let’s take a look at a recent, real-life example.

A plumbing contractor and long-time client of ours recently came to us after noticing that all their costs were going up. They weren’t sure what was going on, as they would wait until a project was done to see where their profit was at. We knew this client needed to understand where they were going off track long before the end of a project, so we created a report for them to track what they were not seeing.

Everyone gets their financials, but that only paints one part of the picture. It doesn’t tell you the full story.

Where did you make money? Which projects were your most revenue-rich projects or highest profits? Which service line is performing the best? Did you have any leakage of money that you weren’t paying attention to?

Another example would be regarding your people. If you have hourly employees, would it be more cost-effective to hire another person or pay your current staff overtime? What about your product lines? With custom reports, you might notice that one product line isn’t making you any money while another is making you money and saving the line that doesn’t profit.

These are things you aren’t seeing in your financials, but they are the data you need to drive your business forward and enhance your bottom line.

Ready To Elevate Your Business? Our T.A.S.C. Team Can Help You Get Started

Our Technology and Strategic Consulting (T.A.S.C.) team is here to help you get started with our custom reporting package analysis and implementation. If you want to change your accounting software, we can help you implement a new solution. We can then train your team members on the new software and set up custom reports to help you get more value out of the data you already have.

Learn More about Our Custom Reporting Package Analysis and Implementation

Our goal is to help people focus on their business and not stay trapped in their business. We want to give our clients clear and concise data they can use to make informed business decisions.

So even if you don’t know exactly what information or reporting metrics you need, let’s talk. By working with MGA, you have a partner to help you figure all of that out. We have been there and can provide guidance, insight, and direction to help you along in your business pursuits.


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July 26, 2022