Get to Know Pauline Sullinger, One of MGA's New Partners


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The new year has brought many strategic changes to MGA, along with exciting transitions in the leadership team. We recently announced the promotion to Partner of David Long, Helen Martell, Michael Miller, and Pauline Sullinger, effective January 1, 2023. We've been taking some time this year to sit down and talk with each of our new Partners, introducing them more in-depth and highlighting their unique skill sets.

With that being said, please take a few minutes to meet Pauline Sullinger, transitioning from Director of T.A.S.C. to Partner.

Pauline came on board with MGA in 2014 and built our F.A.S.T. department from the ground up. As that area of the Firm took off and started soaring, Pauline then noticed another gap in the services our clients needed and the services we were offering. She then branched out to begin our now thriving T.A.S.C. department, offering clients a variety of technology consulting and implementation services. Pauline has worked incredibly hard to create these successful additional service lines under MGA. We are excited to see how she will expand and evolve as she transitions into her new role as a Partner.

When we asked Pauline to tell us more about her personal life, she said, "I'm a mom of a twelve-year-old son and a fifteen-year-old daughter, and I've been married for 26 years. I take care of my mom, who lives with us, and also take care of my uncle, who is kind of like my dad in many ways. I'm a person who firmly believes that you take care of your family and your friends. And I'll never let a person down. If it's in my power to do it and be there for somebody, I will do it, always."

Not shocking if you know Pauline, as this bleeds into her relationships inside the Firm and even with our clients. When discussing her relationship with her clients, she told us, "I have hardly ever in my career at MGA all these years said no to a client. And sometimes, I say yes even when I'm not entirely sure how to attack the problem. Business owners are very strong, hardworking risk-takers, and we ride shotgun with those risk-takers. So, in my opinion, I have to be just as bold as them to ride shotgun — to work with them and help them get to where they want to. And if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that. I have the same guts level as they do because I respect them for their actions. And I want them to know they won't have a shrinking violet sitting next to them. I'm going into the battle with them; they know my team and I have their back."

Watch the short video above to get to know Pauline a little better, like why she's chosen to continue her career at MGA for all these years and what makes MGA special to her. Or, read the short Q&A below to get to know Pauline on a more personal level.



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March 15, 2023