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Are you considering selling your great business? Or, are you wondering what the process is like and need assistance wrapping your head around all the responsibilities? If so, don’t forget to add MGA to your power-house prep team, as every part of our team can play an instrumental role in the process.

Whether you’re looking to retire or want to take advantage of the booming market, our team of seasoned professionals is ready to help you through the entire process. Why search around for professionals from different avenues when MGA has the bulk of what you need right here under one roof?

Each part of our team can help you gather the necessities to start the process of selling your business, keeping things orderly and uncluttered. Starting the selling process early gives us time to make sure everything is in line and gives you peace of mind that you are fully prepared when the time comes.

How We Can Help Your Company Prep for the Sales Process

Our F.A.S.T. team can…

Some businesses that have grown rapidly over the years get to the point of a business sale and realize that their accounting system has not kept the pace. That’s where our F.A.S.T. team can step in to assist. We can get your accounting up to par, creating processes and procedures years ahead of time to ensure you are in the best position to sell. Your numbers will be more transparent and tell the story of a profitable, efficiently managed company.

Our Assurance team can…

If you’re considering selling your business, financial reporting matters. Plain and simple. Your financial records paint a picture of the quality of your overall business. If they are hard to follow and disorganized, buyers can get the wrong impression. Our assurance team can do a review and prepare financials, giving buyers security and comfort. This will make selling your business much easier and even could help you attract more buyers.

Our Tax team can…

Having a tax advisor on your team when prepping for the business sale process is essential, as tax expertise can save you money. Our tax team can identify tax issues and help structure the sale, calculating what it will ultimately cost you. Depending on how you structure the deal, you could end up with a large tax bill. There are also many opportunities to save, but the IRS makes things complex, and there are many hoops to jump through to take advantage of those. That’s why having a trusted tax advisor on your team is a necessity.

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Ready to Sell Your Business? Call Us First

Every team at MGA plays a vital role in the sales process, and our experienced team works together to make sure the process requires as little work from you as possible. Rely on our trusted teams to get your transaction in order.

In 2021, MGA assisted with business sales in a variety of industries, with a combined value of over $1 billion.

We can help you, too. Our experts are prepared to guide you through the entire process without hesitation. Leave your stress behind and make use of our team to sell your business the right way.

Reach out to us to start the process today. Remember, start early and be prepared.

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May 31, 2022