M-K-T Wins 2022 Development of Distinction Award — Come By and See Why

mkt development of distinction award 2022

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We’ve been in our new office space at M-K-T for nearly two years, one of the first tenants to move in. Since then, the space has really come to life with a unique cultivation of local and first-to-market offerings, combining the area's affinity for exclusive and independent retail and inspired restaurants and dining experiences.

If you haven’t come by to see our new office yet, we encourage you to stop in and have lunch with us one day. We’d love to show you around our new home and take you out to one of M-K-T’s new lunch spots, like Homestead Kitchen & Bar, Mendocino Farms, Rakken Ramem, or maybe even Honeychild’s Sweet Creams for an afternoon treat. There are up to 30 new merchants and restaurants to discover here. Click here to explore the unique directory.

Houston Urban Land Institute Recognizes M-K-T as One of Houston’s Most Compelling and Innovative Real Estate Projects

We are so excited for the team behind M-K-T Heights, including developers (and also MGA clients) Radom Capital and Triten Real Estate Partners, who recently received the 2022 Development of Distinction Award from the Houston Urban Land Institute.

Their mission behind creating M-K-T may seem obvious to some—reinventing outdated spaces to create a higher purpose. But they didn't stop there. As the project grew and came to life, their primary focus was to create a truly unique environment that promotes a strong sense of community and fosters creation and creativity.

We at MGA recognize their mission and are proud to be a small part of it, enjoying what they’ve created. They have transformed the 12-acre site into a true destination.

Take a Look!

A Glimpse Inside Our Vibrant Office
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There’s Something Here for Everyone

At M-K-T, there is truly something for everyone. Fitness studios, juice and coffee bars, spas and self-care offerings, cocktail and patio bars, sought-after apparel shops, unique restaurants, and much more.

You’re also sure to find something fun going on, no matter the time of year, as they provide a year-round event calendar filled with unique events tailor-made to keep visitors and neighbors engaged. We enjoy making these events a part of the MGA team experience, like, for example, attending the monthly Sunset Market that puts a weeknight, family-friendly spin on the typical farmers market.

Another fun perk of our awesome new home is that it’s connected to the Heights Hike and Bike Trail, giving us an endless backyard to explore our city. We have team members who jog together after work and others who do morning bike rides from the office and back. We are proud to offer a convenient one-stop destination for our team members, truly giving them a live-work-play experience.

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March 31, 2022
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