Why CFO Scott Bork Chooses MGA Time and Time Again

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Scott Bork, CFO at Nailor Industries, and MGA go way back. Scott was part of MGA 15 years ago before setting out on his entrepreneurial ventures. Since then, he’s held different CFO and controller roles which led him to where he is now with Nailor Industries.

His story captures the MGA approach in a highly personal and professional perspective. Scott has been on the inside and has witnessed the MGA culture first hand. He’s also been on the receiving end of the exceptional client service that we provide. Seeing MGA from all angles, his story is a testament to us practicing what we preach.

MGA Left a Lasting Impression on Scott

Scott was once part of the MGA team himself, doing assurance and tax work. After he left the firm to pursue new opportunities, he stayed in touch with MGA. MGA had made an enduring impact on him, Scott explains. As his career continued to progress through positions as controller and CFO, he always returned to the MGA team.

“The one thing that always impressed me with the folks at MGA is their concern about their clients. Besides the compliance, they always wanted to learn more about your business so they could try to help in other ways or save taxes in other areas. That always mattered to me.” 

MGA Has Made a Big Impact on Nailor Industries

Scott joined Nailor Industries in 2016 to replace the retiring CFO. He was eager to join this manufacturing company of commercial and industrial HVAC products and to be able to grow with them.

Once he settled into his new role, Scott had to reevaluate their current accounting firm and get new bids to assess what type of firm would be the best fit for Nailor. MGA was the first firm to come to mind. From Scott’s first-hand experience, the MGA team delivered exceptional quality in the past. He liked the way they went beyond expectations, showing care and concern about the entire company, not just the general accounting needs.

Out of the five different firms they bid, Paul Grossbard, partner at MGA, was the only one of the prospective firms who came out to their facility to learn more about their business—not just make the bid. Paul tried to get to know the company from the inside out, and this stood out to COO, Steve Nailor.

During that first introductory session, Paul made recommendations that Nailor Industries should do cost segregation studies on buildings they were in the process of finishing. He also made some suggestions to look into the R&D tax credit, as they might be leaving some legitimate tax credits on the table. Even though they had not as yet engaged MGA, Paul provided value-added suggestions to the Nailor team.

Since then, MGA has been their trusted partner, working together to help the Nailor team succeed. 

Practicing What MGA Preaches

Scott’s testimonial offers you a way to know more about the MGA way of doing things. While many firms say that they put their clients first, we do it. All of our staff, from the partners to the auditors, accountants, and support staff, get to know our clients and their business so we can make strategic recommendations and align ourselves around common goals.

As Scott shares with us, and you, “I will continue to recommend MGA to other business professionals that I know. They are just the first firm I think of when it comes to advisory and accounting services because they practice what they preach. They show interest in your business, and they’re not content with just doing the compliance work. It’s apparent. They want to understand what the company does, so they never leave anything behind.”

If you’re looking for a team of experts to make sure you’re getting the tax credits and savings where you can, MGA is your answer. We are here to be your trusted advisors, no matter how complex your situation may be.

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November 14, 2019
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