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Radom Capital - Client Feature

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Just over five years ago, Steve Radom set out with a passion and a vision to acquire and reposition properties, molding them into community-enhancing environments. He wanted to develop projects that he was passionate about, and that’s where Radom Capital was born—a successful Houston-based commercial real estate developer and investor.

Radom Capital differentiates itself by focusing on creating enduring designs, building long-term relationships, and solving complex real estate problems. They seek to catalyze economic revitalization and growth in each of the communities they work in.

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MGA has been an integral part of their business since day one. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Steve has to say himself:

“MGA has always been an integral part of our business. They are the people who, from a planning perspective, counsel us on business decisions. In our line of work, we structure projects and establish new partnerships and entities. It is imperative that we enter new ventures with full consideration of the tax and regulatory complexities. We regard MGA as our trusted counselors and an extension of our company.” — Steve Radom, Managing Principal at Radom Capital

Radom Capital and MGA: A Shared Vision That Keeps Them Moving Ahead Full Speed

Steve shares that his business started with the simple principle that they would acquire properties in those areas they were passionate about; neighborhoods with great fundamentals. The business model started with the idea of providing communities with the commercial amenities that were missing—restaurants, yoga studios, juice bars, creative office spaces, etc. Over time, the company has built a portfolio of properties united by thoughtfulness and vibrant designs that reflect the community around them.

How could they build properties with unique tenants? How could they attract merchants that fill voids, such that neighbors and the city, in general, would get excited about coming to their projects? And, of course, how could they do all of that within a budget and profitably?

That’s where MGA came into play—to make the complex simple for Steve and his great team.

Steve was very selective when building his team over the last five years, making sure he chose excellent team members in their respective portions of the work, but most importantly, ensuring that every participant was passionate about their contribution. Choosing to partner with the MGA team from day one was no different—a true testament to our level of care and expertise.

During the initial startup, Radom Capital leaned on the MGA team for everything. You name it, and we were there. Our outsourced accounting team helped them with all their bookkeeping and accounting functions. Our technology consulting team advised them on software and platforms to acquire that were specific to the industry. Whatever resources they needed to ramp up their business, we were there offering that to them—truly making the complex simple.

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MGA Has the Intelligence and Resources to Keep up with the Changing Times

“Now more than ever, especially with constant changes in regulatory laws and regulations and the evolving environment, it’s critical to have a trusted advisor that has the intelligence and bandwidth to keep up with what is literally, on a daily basis, a changing network of rules, regulations, and opportunities. I have unwavering confidence and belief that the MGA team is on top of everything we are up against and presents the opportunities, making sure we are aware of them.

We have been automating our processes and adopting artificial intelligence, and MGA has helped us implement these strategies. We have been utilizing advice from the MGA team, trying to ensure that the business's technological side becomes more accessible, easier to implement, less expensive, and that we're aware of those opportunities and taking advantage of them."

What’s Your Vision? Can We Help You Get There?

No matter what industry you’re in or what your passions are, the MGA team is here to help. Any complex problem you’re facing, we’ve likely helped another client with or have walked through it ourselves. And if we don’t have the answer for you, we will find it.

There’s a reason our great clients choose to partner with us and trust us to stay one step ahead for them, always working to make the complex simple along the way.

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October 13, 2020