We Traded in Our Calculators for Mulch and Spent the Day Beautifying Our City

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At MGA, we make it a priority to give back to our community. That’s why we were thrilled to bring back our annual spring volunteer day last month, where we spent the day offsite and outdoors helping to maintain and beautify the Houston treasure that is Buffalo Bayou Park.

We spent our time shoveling, transporting, and spreading over 18 yards of mulch in the beds around and above the lake at the Lost Lake Visitor Center, which equates to about 243 wheelbarrow loads of mulch.

This provides major benefits to the plants. It helps retain moisture in the soil, which reduces the amount of water needed and protects against drought. It also acts as a protection for root systems from a freeze during the winter months. Lastly, it prevents weed growth. Weeds compete with the nutrients the native vegetation needs to be healthy. It also reduces the amount of manual mechanical weed abatement necessary.

In addition to these practical benefits, the mulch helps maintain the beauty of the peaceful setting around Lost Lake for all the park guests.

Watch the video below to recap our day and see our incredible team members hard at work (and having fun!).


MGA Cares about Our Community and Our Planet

Since the pandemic halted much of our in-person activities over the past two years, we were thrilled to safely get together as a team this year and get our hands dirty again — the old-fashioned way.

This is the third year we have dedicated our spring day of service to Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Park. We have planted trees along the bayou as part of the Hurricane Harvey cleanup. We have also helped prepare the park for the Police Memorial Service by mulching the magnolia trees around the police memorial. It’s always a rewarding experience to dedicate our time and resources to preserving this park and keeping it a beautiful and exciting place to visit.

While we enjoy giving back to our community by getting outside and getting our hands dirty, we also prioritize integrating other eco-friendly and sustainable practices into our daily business operations. MGA takes responsibility for its effect on the environment and is always looking for new ways to minimize our waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

Here Are a Few Examples of Our Daily Green Practices

  • We have transitioned the majority of our operations over to the digital world and work toward a paperless environment.
  • The paper that we do seldom use is recycled when we are finished with it.
  • We utilize a green electricity provider.
  • All of our interior lighting in the office are LED lights, which provide many environmental benefits.
  • We operate on a virtual cloud solution, significantly reducing our electricity consumption.
  • We allow flexible work-from-home options, resulting in major decreases in our team members’ commute emissions.
  • We aim to have zero waste break areas by offering reusable mugs, cups, and silverware.
  • We have motion sensors throughout our office for office lighting to limit energy usage.

Work with a Firm Who Takes Action

If you’re interested in building a career with a firm that cares about its community and planet and takes action to show it, look no further. We are always looking for hard-working and dedicated professionals to join our growing team at MGA.

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June 14, 2022