Let Us Tell You about Divvy, a Free Automated Expense Management Software We Love


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Divvy is an all-in-one expense management solution that we at MGA use and love and offer to many of our clients, too, as it's a spend management solution that gives you the credit you need and the software to manage it — plus, it's free.

Our goal at MGA is to make the complex simple for our great clients, and Divvy is an excellent tool that can do just that. In this blog, we share a high-level overview of the benefits and highlights Divvy offers. If you want to dive in further, we recommend accessing our thirty-minute on-demand webinar here, where we go into greater depth and walk you through a product demo.

Click Here to Access Our Free Thirty-Minute Webinar on All Things Divvy

First things first, what is Divvy? What tools can it replace or enhance?

Divvy is an all-in-one expense management platform that can replace traditional expense reporting tools by automating tasks such as receipt capture, transaction categorization, and budgeting while providing real-time visibility. With Divvy's smart credit card and mobile app, business owners and finance teams can have a clear understanding of their cash flow in real time. No more waiting for credit card statements to come out or waiting until the end of the month to understand and reconcile accounts. Understand where your business is in real-time by using Divvy.

The mobile app allows employees to complete transactions (i.e., upload receipts and categorize expenses) quickly and efficiently, while the automated expense reporting feature saves time and streamlines the reconciliation process.

Divvy is a free and easy-to-use solution for businesses looking to simplify their expense management processes.

Which industries benefit most from using Divvy? How does Divvy help businesses mitigate risks and minimize liability? Does Divvy have integration capabilities with QuickBooks Online? How do Divvy's credit card rewards compare to those of other providers?

We cover all of this and more in this short webinar. Get free access to it today to learn more.

If you want to learn more about the other technology tools we use, love, and recommend to our clients, click here.

Wondering if Divvy is the right tool for you? Let our T.A.S.C. team help you!

Our T.A.S.C. team can help with a variety of technology tool evaluations and implementations, including Divvy. We do the legwork for you, testing new accounting software and programs to find the best solutions for your industry. Because this is our area of expertise, we can quickly decipher what works, what doesn't, and how best to move forward. Once we find the right technology tools for you and your business, we can then help you quickly implement a new solution. You can rest easy knowing that you always have a partner who can answer your questions and can offer new ideas as technology continues to evolve.

We are here to help you gauge whether Divvy might be a valuable resource for you and your business. Reach out to us today to learn more.

We are here to make the complex simple.


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May 9, 2023