QuickBooks Desktop Users — Keeping You Safe (and Efficient)!

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Made famous by an ancient Greek philosopher, “Change is the only constant in life.”

We’re reaching out to you as QuickBooks Desktop has embraced the notion of change in their software platform — albeit for your security, which we commend.

Many of our clients utilize QuickBooks Desktop for their business accounting and use the Intuit online service to send files to MGA for tax compliance and/or consulting. When sending the file via the Intuit service, it is essential that you have it sent to qb@mgallp.com. Intuit now requires an authorization code to open files, and by using the qb@mgallp.com address, we can be sure that our team gets the code in the 5-minute window Intuit allows.

QB 01

In some cases, MGA is asked to sign in using your Intuit credentials. MGA will use our Firm credentials, and you will receive an email from QuickBooks Desktop asking you to approve our role. Please choose Secondary Admin.

QB 02For clients using QuickBooks Online (not Desktop), please send the Accounting firm invitation to Sharon Hayes, shayes@mgallp.com.

QB 03

We appreciate Intuit’s push to safeguard your data and your assistance using the qb@mgallp.com email address so we can continue to provide prompt service and make the complex simple for you.

Have questions? You can reach us at 713-622-3960.

February 10, 2021
Posted in Client Tutorials