How to Address Security Risks in a World of Mobile and Cloud Computing

mobile and cloud computing

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Mobile and cloud computing offer greater flexibility and functionality when it comes to business operations. They also provide the same great flexibility and functionality to cybercriminals. It’s no surprise that this wave of technology goes hand in hand with the rise of industrialized cybercrime.

Anyone can attack you from anywhere at any time for any reason.

Think about the infamous cloud security breach that happened to LinkedIn in 2016. Roughly 167 million email addresses and passwords were stolen by hackers and then sold on the dark web. LinkedIn then implemented a two-way authentication feature. If this feature had been in place previously, it could have prevented the attack from happening in the first place.

Don’t wait until it happens to you to take action. Read on for more valuable information about keeping your business safe today in a world of mobile and cloud computing.

Why Hackers Love Targeting the Cloud

As more and more businesses begin to move to the cloud, the cybercrime threat for these platforms continues to go up. One reason is that there is a massive amount of data stored in the cloud. Another reason hackers are targeting the cloud is because of the many access methods. If everyone in your business has access to your cloud platforms, which they likely do, it only takes one user with a flawed password to give thieves full access.

Don’t Overlook Mobile Security

Did you know that fifty-eight percent of transactions today originate from a mobile device? On top of that, many small businesses allow their employees to operate on their own devices. Sure, this can lower your business costs and offer your team more flexibility, but it also comes with more risks.

You need to protect the sensitive data that may be stored on your employees’ phones and perhaps even the devices themselves. For example, you may have your team adopt a two-step password authentication. Or you may put company policies in place to verify a member’s smartphone platform before being allowed to add their email or other work-related apps, making sure that they wipe their phones clean if stolen or lost.

Cloud Computing Can Be a Powerful Tool for Your Business—but It Must Be Managed Properly

Keep in mind that this does not make the cloud any less secure than other IT infrastructures. Rather, the cloud can be a more resilient and robust platform if appropriately managed. Keeping cybersecurity front and center when adopting these new platforms is critical.

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January 7, 2020