Do You Know about MGA's "Phone-a-Friend" Program? Here's How It Can Help You


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Our number one goal is to make the complex simple. And we have a program in place to do just that — our “phone-a-friend” program. We have provided this program for years and realized that we needed to shout it out to all of our MGA clients. We employed this so that clients and their team members can call an expert to mind-meld.

Have you ever been stuck and wanted to talk through an accounting issue? Do you think there might be a faster way, but you need help figuring out exactly what that is? You name the question — accounting, finance, human resources — and we are here to help you find the best answer, quickly.

If you need a friend in the business, well, you have one. Read more to learn how our “phone-a-friend” program can help you.

Learn More about MGA’s “Phone-a-Friend” Program

When a client invests in our Technology and Strategic Consulting Services (T.A.S.C.) services, they know they’ll have a friend for life — someone to call to bounce ideas off of and talk through challenges with. And that’s exactly what our “phone-a-friend” program offers. You can call any time to speak with one of our experts about any obstacles you may be facing. Or, maybe you aren’t even sure what the challenge is, but you know that there has to be a better way of doing things. Knowing that you are not alone and have someone you can always reach out to is invaluable. We are here to be just that.

A Few Examples of How the “Phone-a-Friend” Program Could Help You

  • You need a new accounting system. Which one is the right fit? We have already done the research and can share our knowledge.

  • You have a process that takes your accounting staff way too long. Is there a tech solution that can be used to shorten the process? We can provide you with ideas that are easy to roll out and save you time and headcount (and in many cases, we use these tech solutions in our own business, too).

  • You are stuck. Not sure how to fix a mess in the books or how to attack a large project? We can give you examples of what we have done for clients or how clients have done it themselves. We can also give you the pitfalls to avoid.

  • You don’t have a leader in finance, and you need some high-level advice. We have you covered. We have Controllers and CFOs on staff who can listen and give you solid advice.

  • You know what you want to do, but you don't know how to execute it. We can not only help you plan the execution, but our team can help with the execution itself too.

Would This Program Be a Good Fit For You?

If your business is in the midst of change — perhaps you are growing rapidly or implementing more technology than you can keep up with or looking to expand your business in new directions — this service would be an invaluable tool for you. You can schedule one-off calls, or we can put you on a monthly program that is adaptable to your specific needs.  

We are here to make the complex simple and continuously expand our offered services to meet the changing needs of our clients. This is a perfect example of us doing that.

Want to schedule a call with one of our experts? Let’s talk!

June 25, 2021