MGA 2.0 Launches in 2023: Important Leadership Changes and Transitions to Know


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MGA is now entering its next phase of growth and transformation, and with that come strategic changes, along with transitions in the leadership team. Sustaining our growth requires a great group of talented individuals who make up MGA. Think of this as MGA 2.0, where we are all working together to build a better Firm for our great clients.

Having the right people in the right places within our entire organization has allowed us to strategically restructure our leadership team, ensuring MGA is in the correct position to enter its next chapter. With this in mind, we are excited to announce the promotion to Partners of David Long, Helen Martell, Michael Miller, and Pauline Sullinger, effective January 1, 2023.

These changes and transitions have been in development over the past years and were all part of our vision for MGA's future. We have strategically bolstered each department with key players to ensure all of our jobs, from engagements, billing, training, mentoring, and so forth, continue to evolve. As these team members move up and into their new roles, they will take on more technical and strategic responsibilities. In preparation for their transitions, each individual has taken great strides within their respective departments to ensure the changes are successful for both themselves and their teams.

MGA Introduces 4 New Partners: David Long, Helen Martell, Michael Miller, and Pauline Sullinger

Meet David Long, transitioning from Director of Assurance Services to Partner.

You might have noticed that David has been busy growing the Assurance department with new clients, new engagements, and new friendly faces on his team. David, a former Partner with a national top 10 Firm for 20 years, joined MGA in 2012 to make more of an impact within a Firm. Since day one, he has done just that. David carefully began to lead his team and grow his department. He has developed the group's sophistication, the breadth of our services, and the significance of the relationships.

Meet Helen Martell, transitioning from Director of Tax Services to Partner.

Helen knows her stuff — period! She is as meticulous as the day is long and cares about doing it right every time. Her steadfast views made her the 'natural' fit as our Director of Tax. Now, it is time for Helen to become a Partner. Her excellent tax team supports her today and will work with her as she expands her responsibilities and shifts her focus. This team has tremendous capability and know-how, which ensures that the magic of MGA is present in every tax engagement, with great associates, seniors, supervisors, and managers making their mark on the process.

Meet Michael Miller, transitioning from Director of Operations to Partner.

Michael, a son of the Founder and brother to an existing Partner, has been around MGA since its inception. Having a broad background in various businesses, he is MGA's swiss army knife — a tactical tool for many actions. Michael brings a unique and measured perspective to management and coordination amongst the departments and has always looked at things from a 'Partner's perspective' — placing the importance of the team first and recognizing the value of each person's contribution to the greater good of MGA.

Meet Pauline Sullinger, transitioning from Director of T.A.S.C. to Partner.

Pauline came on board with MGA in 2014 and built our F.A.S.T. department from the ground up. As that area of the Firm took off and started soaring, Pauline then noticed another gap in the services our clients needed and the services we were offering. She then branched out to begin our now thriving T.A.S.C. department, offering clients a variety of technology consulting and implementation services. Pauline has worked incredibly hard to create these successful additional service lines under MGA. We are excited to see how she will expand and evolve as she transitions into her new role as a Partner.

MGA Is Not Yesterday’s Firm — We Are Tomorrow’s Firm!

We’ve been working methodically behind the scenes for quite some time, preparing the Firm for its next chapter. We are fortunate to have outstanding leadership in all areas of our Firm, with who our clients have regular and routine contact. Our excellent team will continue to provide our clients with exceptional technical and personal support as MGA enters its new phase.

At MGA, we strive to be proactive, always thinking one step ahead. These changes are perfect examples of us doing just that. In an industry where consolidations or simply shutting the lights off is the standard "transition plan," we set out to do something differently. That's why Brian stepped into the Partner role many years back, why we've cultivated this team with various service offerings, and why we've been strategic throughout the entire journey. And just because we are here and at this point doesn't mean that the systematic planning stops. We continue to look at every aspect of our Firm, ensuring we have all our incredible team members in the right places. One way we do this is by utilizing Culture Index (CI) with every single one of our team members. The Culture Index will allow us to see everyone's true strengths, allowing us to help them grow in ways that not only feel fulfilling to them but also strengthen our team.

We are excited to share more about our new Partners in the coming months, introducing them more in-depth and highlighting their unique and sophisticated skill sets.

Thank you for your continued support, loyalty, and the part you continue to play in MGA's journey of success.


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January 10, 2023