MGA's Unconventional Thanksgiving: A Tradition of Making Impactful Choices

Community Support 2023

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As the Thanksgiving season unfolds, offering us moments of reflection and gratitude, we at MGA are proud to continue a meaningful tradition. For several years now, rather than sending out standard Thanksgiving cards, we have been reallocating those funds toward causes that align with our core values. This year is no different. The funds we would have used for cards this year have been redirected toward humanitarian efforts that deeply matter to us. While the needs in the world are infinite, we hope you'll join us in making a meaningful impact through charitable endeavors you care about.

While we are humbled by the opportunity to make a difference in our own way, we recognize that the spirit of giving knows no boundaries. Creativity in philanthropy allows for countless ways to leave a meaningful imprint on the world. In the spirit of sparking your own imagination, we'd like to share some additional ways we've given back throughout the year. Our hope is that these examples might inspire you to innovate your own methods of contributing to causes you hold dear.

A Glimpse into MGA’s Yearlong Efforts of Community Support

Spring Day of Service: Community Commitment in Action

The spirit of giving isn’t confined to the holiday season at MGA. In Spring, our team stepped out of the office and into nature, investing our energy in Houston's Buffalo Bayou Park. Over 170 wheelbarrow loads of mulch were carefully spread to preserve the trees at the Houston Police Officers Memorial. This marked our fourth annual day of service dedicated to the park, and each year, we’re amazed at what teamwork and commitment can accomplish in a single day.

The Power of Inclusion: ReelAbilities Houston Film & Arts Festival

We believe that philanthropy also exists in promoting cultural understanding and inclusivity. That's why, for the fourth consecutive year, MGA and Partner Paul Grossbard were thrilled to sponsor the 2023 ReelAbilities Houston Film & Arts Festival. This initiative amplifies the voices of people with disabilities and aims to eliminate societal stigmas through the arts.

Sweetening the Deal: The Pie-a-Partner Initiative

In a lighter vein, our pie-a-partner initiative brought some fun to the traditional office environment. A raffle winner got the chance to pie a Partner in the face, and the laughter it generated was just the cherry on top. More importantly, we raised over $600, which was proudly donated to the American Cancer Society.

If you need a pick-me-up, click here to watch Partners Brian Miller and Adam Barr take a pumpkin pie in the face.

Giving Is in Our DNA and Part of Our Firm Culture

Last year, we redirected our Thanksgiving card funds to the Houston Food Bank, providing approximately 3,000 meals to families in need. The motivation to make a difference in our communities extends to our team members as well. Through “volunteer time off,” they are empowered to engage in community service efforts that hold personal meaning for them.

As we approach the holiday season, stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on other initiatives we're participating in, such as CYCLE's bike-building program, Houston Fire Department’s Annual Toy Drive, and more.

A Seasonal Pause: MGA Will Be Closed Entire Week of Thanksgiving

Continuing our annual tradition, we're pleased to announce that our office will once again be closed for the full week of Thanksgiving. This nine-day hiatus is our way of showing heartfelt appreciation to our hardworking team. It offers them an uninterrupted stretch to rejuvenate, indulge in their passions, and cherish time with loved ones. We'll reopen our doors and be back in action, refreshed and reinvigorated, on Monday, November 27.

We Are Wishing You a Wonderful Season Ahead

Your trust in the MGA team isn't merely appreciated — it's the cornerstone of everything we accomplish. As you celebrate this season, may you find the time to focus on what truly enriches your life and brings you happiness.


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October 31, 2023