From Director of Tax Services to Partner, Meet Helen Martell


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The new year has brought many strategic changes to MGA, along with exciting transitions in the leadership team. We recently announced the promotion to Partner of David Long, Helen Martell, Michael Miller, and Pauline Sullinger, effective January 1, 2023. We are excited to share more about our new Partners, introducing them more in-depth and highlighting their unique skill sets.

With that being said, please take a few minutes to meet Helen Martell, transitioning from Director of Tax Services to Partner.

Helen knows her stuff — period! She is as meticulous as the day is long and cares about doing it right every time. Her steadfast views made her the 'natural' fit as our Director of Tax. Now, it is time for Helen to become a Partner. Her excellent tax team supports her today and will work with her as she expands her responsibilities and shifts her focus. This team has tremendous capability and know-how, which ensures that the magic of MGA is present in every tax engagement, with great associates, seniors, supervisors, and managers making their mark on the process.

When we asked Helen what makes MGA special to her, she shared, "There are so many great things about MGA, but what makes it special is the people. MGA is like a family, and many employees have been with the Firm for a long time. That shows you what a great place to work MGA is. People do not stick around if a Firm does not have a great work environment. At MGA, we always say we finish as a team, and it really is true. Deadlines are a big part of the tax world, and it is special when you see all levels, from administrative up to Partners, pitching in to help out even though they are exhausted from working so many hours. We truly have an amazing team that can rely on each other, which is so important considering how much time we spend working together."

Watch the short video above to get to know Helen a little better, like why she’s chosen to continue her career at MGA for all these years and what the future of MGA looks like to her. Or, read the short Q&A below to get to know Helen on a more personal level.



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February 8, 2023