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To say that our world has changed over the last few weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak is an understatement. As cities start imposing new recommendations, our personal and business environments will be changed and challenged.

We want to share with you what MGA is doing to ensure the safety of our team members, families, clients, and community as a whole, as well as the steps we are taking to maintain business continuity throughout this pandemic.

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Regulatory updates regarding the coronavirus outbreak are changing every day. We do not want to bombard you with emails, as we know that you are being inundated with communications from many different organizations right now, but we want to make sure you are up to date on critical announcements as they come out.

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Disclaimer: All content provided is current as of date issued and is subject to change as additional details surface.


At MGA, we focus on making the complex simple. Our COVID-19 Resource Center was created for just that. Throughout these uncertain and challenging times, we will be sharing some valuable resources here for you and your business.

We are continually adding and updating these resources, so please check back frequently for updates.

Resources for Businesses and Individuals

Insight on Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Insight on Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

Insight on Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021

Insight on American Rescue Plan Act, 2021

IRS Updates

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