A Relationship That Has Lasted Nearly Three Decades: Cindy Boddie's MGA Story

Cindy Boddie

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This year Cindy Boddie is celebrating 27 years with MGA! Being on board with the Firm since day one, she has been around for it all — the ups and the downs and the mundane in-between.

But what has kept Cindy hanging around for all of these years? What did she find at MGA that she didn’t find elsewhere? When we asked her this question, she said the answer was simple. MGA felt like a home.

MGA Has Done Things Differently Since Day One

Cindy worked with Paul and Russ, MGA’s founding partners, at another firm before they set out on their entrepreneurial venture back in 1991. When they asked Cindy if she’d like to join their new team, she said it was a no-brainer. They were younger and more innovative. They were not working in the past like other accounting firms. She saw a future with them at MGA that she did not see elsewhere, and nearly thirty years later, it has proven to be true.

Cindy describes MGA as a family group from the very beginning. She’s always been treated like family while under MGA’s roof, and that’s what’s kept her around. “It’s crazy to think about all the life we’ve gone through together — all the ups and downs. You watch people get married and have children, but you also watch people go through the hard things too. Over time, they just become your second family.”

Sounds a lot like the MGA of today!

MGA Offers Unmatched Flexibility and Opportunity

We hear from others at MGA, and Cindy too, that the flexibility offered here cannot be matched. With work schedules, yes, but also with career paths too. Just like Cindy, every single team member here at MGA has their own set of professional goals and priorities. Maybe you want to stay in your current role for the remainder of your career, or perhaps you want to advance to a leadership position within the next few years, or possibly you fall somewhere in between.

We like to remind our team that advancement in the Firm is based on your work, not your seniority, and that at the same time, we don’t force advancement if that’s not what you’re seeking. At MGA, your path is your own path. We work with you one-on-one to make sure you are growing how YOU want to grow and to create a work schedule that matches your unique needs.

“MGA is like a family environment. It’s so true. When you decide to make it your Firm and stay, you will be rewarded with that type of environment. You will be rewarded with people who support and care for you.” — Cindy Boddie

Join a ‘Best of the Best’ Firm

Are you looking to build a career with a Firm that’s been named a ‘best’ place to work year after year? If so, MGA is your answer. We do things differently here, and we think that it shows. At MGA, each person is part of the plan. Whatever you are looking for in your professional career, we can create that for you here.

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June 11, 2019
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