Why You Need a Construction CPA

MGA Has Expertise and Experience in All Types of Real Estate 

With clients in the construction business spanning the entire industry, we’re familiar with the detailed requirements your specific situation will need, including a cost segregation study, forecasting, budgeting tools, business structure, and potential risks. You name it — we can help find the best solution for you.

A Building Is So Much More Than Bricks and Mortar

You know this, and MGA does too. Often you need business consultants to help you develop and deliver on your growth strategy. At other times, you are ready for new business plans. Our clients know you must be more strategic in today's rapidly changing markets. 

Utilizing our technical knowledge of the different layers of depreciation for various construction materials, our cost segregation analyses can make a huge difference in the cost and life of a construction asset, allowing our clients to look beyond basic construction.

In addition, our real-time forecasting and budgeting tools on a project-by-project basis allow you to determine your profit on a construction project before you sell it.

Understanding the Unique Requirements of Independent Contractors Is One of Our Specialties

MGA invests the time to understand the structure and operation of your business to help consult on a variety of matters. One example is whether a company has employees or independent contractors. Over the years, this has been an area of focus for state taxation agencies, which is why we continuously stay apprised of all the relevant intricacies to keep you in good standing.

Whatever your particular needs, we are here to collaborate with you and be your trusted partner.

Real-Life Stories That Might Interest You

You might find the below case studies of interest to you. These are real-life individuals building companies with real-life challenges and opportunities — like yours.

Let's look at Bill, who was catapulted into the role of CEO for a very successful construction business founded by his father after his father, without warning, had a severe heart attack. Bill had years of experience working in the company but no idea how to run it. See how MGA helped him along the way.

The Frankel Building Group uses our outsourced accounting services to take on their back-office responsibilities, allowing them to focus on growing and running the business, not the books. And Leggett Ventures uses our F.A.S.T. team to help his team implement various technologies around their business. Each new methodology has been instrumental in cutting down time, reducing mistakes, and creating checks and balances.

Business Advice for Construction Companies: Additional Resources for You

You might find these blog posts of value, where we dive into specific topics affecting the construction industry, such as emerging technologies.

Or, you might be interested in our on-demand webinar where we focus on all things cash flow. A steady cash flow can make or break a business, especially in the construction industry. Running out of cash can happen easily and often if not properly planned for. Click below to get free access to it.

Get Access Now! The Construction Company Cash Crunch: Don't Let It Happen to You

We understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why our passion is understanding what makes your organization unique, then helping you turn that into great success.

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