We Are Packing Our Bags And Moving To The Heights! 

600 North Shepherd

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We are excited to share that we at MGA will be packing up our things here in Midtown and heading to our new headquarters in The Heights this coming Spring! As we approach our twenty-eighth anniversary as an independent Firm this fall, we couldn’t be more excited about this new phase ahead.

With 50+ employees and new service niches, we’ve stretched our current home to its limits. The search for our new home has not been easy, given that we have never been satisfied with the status quo. We have been searching high and low for a place that matches our culture both inside and out — somewhere unique, collaborative, vibrant, and creative. We found just what we were looking for in m•k•t, a trail-oriented mixed-used project currently under development in The Heights.

“We believe m•k•t will be a fitting addition to the eclectic vibe of The Heights, and we are excited to have the forward-thinking team of MGA join the scene.” — Steve Radom, Managing Principal at Radom Capital LLC

At MGA, we are always looking ahead. We are continually looking to push boundaries and not be just another accounting firm. We know that many things are changing in today’s world of business, and we are experiencing many of these changes firsthand. Evolving technology, workforce trends, data security — the list goes on and on. We are actively and quickly adapting to these changes so that we can be there for our clients. Our new headquarters is a perfect example of us doing just that.

Our new home will allow us to grow as our clients’ needs continue to grow. We have listened to what our clients want, and our business continues to evolve to serve their needs. We aren’t looking to become a large-size Firm, but rather, we are simply looking to get stronger and more advanced for our clients.

“It’s the end of an era leaving behind the walls of our Midtown home, but I could not be more proud of the robust team that we have built here at MGA. To watch MGA become a professional home for so many outstanding individuals and their families is a great honor. We are thrilled for this new chapter ahead.” — Paul Grossbard, Partner

The Next 28 Years of MGA

MGA was founded twenty-eight years ago with the vision to be more than just another tax and accounting Firm. As entrepreneurial accountants, Paul and Russ set out to help business owners with not only their tax and assurance needs but to be their business advisors. That vision still holds true in the Firm today and is perhaps the most important as we head into the future. When looking ahead at the next twenty-eight years of MGA, here’s what Partner Brian Miller has to say.

“There’s going to be a lot of change in the next twenty-eight years. Technology is changing at a pace that we have never experienced before, and it’s going to not only affect our business, but many of our clients’ businesses as well. Because of that, we have to change and adapt. We are continually looking ahead to make sure we understand what’s coming. We want to help our clients navigate and move toward that change, understanding that new technology can help their business if they let it. We still want to focus on the core of our business, such as audits and tax returns, but we also want to help our clients with their consulting, operational, and finance needs. We want to help them across all the different aspects of their business, taking their complex problems and helping them find simple solutions. As our clients’ business needs continue to evolve, they can trust us to evolve with them, always staying one step ahead to meet their expanding needs.”

More About Our Vibrant New Space

Our new headquarters at m•k•t will be located in the epicenter of Houston’s award-winning trail system, linking 150-miles of greenways and trails. We will be surrounded by artists and merchants with quality retail and unique dining and drinking experiences. We are also proud to remain centrally located, a top priority for both our team members and clients. As innovative and forward-thinking individuals, we only find it fitting to move to a space that encompasses just that.

M•k•t is seeking the best in class tenants to cultivate a new and dynamic community in The Heights. Miller Grossbard embodies the kind of innovation that will help bring this new project to life.” — Scott Arnoldy, President at Triten Corporation and Managing Partner at Triten Real Estate Partners

Click here to read more about m•k•t, a vibrant destination for Houston’s creative class.

We will share more details on our exciting move as things continue to develop, but in the meantime, we wanted to announce what’s on the horizon for MGA.

August 13, 2019
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