Pauline Heads West to Launch MGA's First Phoenix Office

Pauline Sullinger

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Here at MGA, we are excited to share the news that our very own Pauline Sullinger is heading out West—and taking MGA with her!

Pauline has been part of the team since 2014, creating and implementing our rapidly expanding F.A.S.T. (Financial Accounting Support Team) department, and more recently, our T.A.S.C. (Technology and Strategic Consulting) department. She has been a game-changer for many of our clients, showing them the benefits of outsourcing and utilizing technology to bring people together.

Why Pauline Can Leave: 3 Things That Help Us, and Our Clients, Work Seamlessly through a Virtual Configuration

  • Intelligent Phone Routing

For internal purposes, Pauline is still just a 3-digit extension away. Using the VOIP phone system, she can reach the internal team and we can reach her, just as if she was in the office next door. The system also integrates work and cell phones, so for clients, there is just one number to call to reach an MGA team member, whether they are at their desk or working offsite.

  • Cloud-Based Computing

If you have an internet connection, you’re directly connected to your office. The same is true here at MGA. Our system is 100% cloud-based, with data secured through state-of-the-art data centers. Dialing in from home gives you the same access and solutions as being in the office. Bolstered by two-factor authentication and advanced email screening, we make sure we keep your data secure and where it belongs.

  • Workflow Collaboration

At MGA, screen sharing, along with full desktop control, is available with just one click. No more scheduling conference rooms, accessing meeting software, downloading applets, or running plug-ins. If you have someone you want to talk to, simply select their name from the list and click “share.” Oh, and by the way, screen sharing integrates with video cameras so we can share the data along with the human interaction.

At Mga, We Have Become Experts in Our Industry by Practicing What We Preach

Technology is changing our world every minute, or more accurately, every second. Now you can be 1,000 miles away and still have the ability to quickly and easily share computer screens, hop on a video chat, share real-time transactions through the cloud, and a host of other capabilities. Pauline will be able to further help our clients both near and far by using this technology day in and day out, hands on.

At MGA, we are always striving to stay ahead of the curve, and we know that Pauline will continue to keep one foot forward for us in this new role.

While we will certainly miss hearing her laugh across the office, we are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for her, our clients, and MGA.

June 15, 2018
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