MGA's Jasmine Anderson Named Volunteer of the Year

Jasmine Anderson

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We are proud to share that Jasmine Anderson, Operations Strategist here at MGA, has been named The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston’s Volunteer of the Year for 2019!

Jasmine is a hard-working and dedicated teammate here at MGA, always going the extra mile. It’s no surprise to learn that she’s been going the extra mile outside of the office too. For the past two years, Jasmine has been dedicating her time off from work to give back to the community she cherishes.

Here’s a small glimpse into what she’s been up to and why she has been recognized with this outstanding award.

Texas women are 20% more likely to live in poverty than Texas men. The Women’s Resource, and volunteers like Jasmine, are helping to change that.

Jasmine has a passion for financial literacy, which is what drew her to this organization to begin with back in 2017. She explains how many people, and women specifically, could be in much better situations overall if they knew the basics of finance. “It’s not about being rich or materialism, it’s about the importance of understanding basic financial concepts,” says Jasmine. People cannot achieve what they want because they can’t cover the basics. If they learn how to cover the basics, they can open their minds and go much further in life.

That’s where financial coaches, like Jasmine, step in to help. She teaches free finance courses to many different groups — homeless shelters, local jails, transition facilities, salvation army family programs, and other nonprofits. Her classes cover things like setting goals, budgeting, and improving your credit score.

Most of the classes are short and brief, leaving the participants wanting more. So when Jasmine received the opportunity last year to host a six-month course to women in the construction industry, she was thrilled to take it on and dive a bit deeper with her class. The construction industry is known for being male-dominant, and many nonprofits have been working to bring more women into the field. The industry is also known for high pay and quick advancement, which is where The Women’s Resource has been brought in to help — educating these women on how to manage their money and ultimately, how to thrive.

Because Jasmine worked with this group of women for such an extended period, using her lunch breaks and vacation days to do so, the information really got to stick. Over the entire course, the group saved $12k, paid off $14k of debt, and their credit scores rose an average of 10 points each.

What a rewarding progress to be a part of!

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At MGA, we often describe ourselves as a professional family. Just like your real family, we are here to support and cheer you on as you chase your dreams — whatever those may be. We celebrate each of our team members’ unique passions and achievements. We have some training for 100-mile bike races. We have others who are out climbing mountains. Some are into rodeo, while others are into art.

At MGA, your passions are our passions, and we are here to celebrate with you along the way.

“It's all about building a professional home here at MGA for our team members, about creating that type of culture. If you stop to think about it, we spend more of our waking hours with our work family than our home family. You have to love both. I'm excited to come to MGA each morning to work and share with our team and also excited to go home with my real family each night. It's great to see people grow and develop here — marry, start families, have kids graduate, etc. It's an honor to know that MGA is a home for 50+ individuals and their great families.” — Michael Miller, Director of Operations

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May 21, 2019
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