MGA Welcomes Back Jordan Trousdale to Tax Team

Jordan Trousdale

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After a brief hiatus, MGA is happy to have Jordan Trousdale back on our tax team!

Jordan can attest first hand to the strong and diverse culture that MGA has created and why we have become consistently named one of the “best places to work.”

What Jordan discovered is that there is a positive energy at MGA that keeps our talented employees hanging around. It’s also what keeps our former employees, like Jordan, coming back.

MGA Is Not Your Ordinary Accounting Firm

Jordan started working at MGA at the beginning of 2017. She was a team player since day one. As she developed and grew, her work-life priorities kept pulling at her. She needed less time commuting and something closer to home. So, Jordan took a detour in 2018 to try her hand with another accounting firm that was closer to where she lived. She was looking to gain that work-life balance she was missing.

Nothing is that easy!

After giving it a go and seeing what this other accounting firm had to offer, Jordan wasn’t really impressed or ready to stay on the other side of the fence. This other accounting firm had outdated technology. They lacked the level of expertise that Jordan experienced at MGA. When she offered her suggestions and ideas to keep the workflow more structured and organized — things that we use daily here at MGA — the company said the often familiar “no, that’s not how we do it.”  Her ideas and feedback always felt unwelcome. She was finding that no one embraced staff ideas and change quite like the MGA team.

When Jordan talked about coming back to MGA, she went on to describe the other firm’s lack of team effort. She told about how hard it was to fit into that new culture. The majority of her new team members had been with the firm for a while. To them, Jordan was the newbie — and not a very welcomed one. She felt like the outcast. It was hard to fit in.

When the opportunity presented to come back to MGA, Jordan instantly knew this was the right place for her. And MGA heard her as well, designing a work schedule that would allow her to commute less and do more.

To her, MGA felt more like a welcoming home that was also a high-performing company. Her ideas were respected. MGA engaged her in the entire business, and she really liked the sense of being part of something important, not just having a job. She mattered.

MGA does things differently, and Jordan had to see the difference.

“MGA has more of a team-effort vibe. They are friendly. And I missed the pace of MGA, the challenging work. It’s definitely more of a home and a family environment, so my decision to go back to MGA was a very easy one to make. The growth opportunities and flexibility cannot be matched.” — Jordan Trousdale

Jordan’s story isn’t the only one. We have welcomed back a growing number of employees who had decided to branch out to other firms in order to gain diverse experience. Those were great learning experiences for each of them. They quickly saw the difference. Nothing really compared to MGA’s culture. They came back invigorated and more knowledgeable about what really matters in your workplace.

MGA Is Consistently Named a ‘Best’ Place to Work

For the past several years, MGA has been consistently named as a best company to work for through many platforms such as Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, Accounting Today’s Best Accounting Firms to Work For, and INSIDE Public Accounting’s Best of the Best Firms.

MGA Awards 2018

Here at MGA, we truly believe that our team members are the backbone of our success. They are each part of the puzzle here. Together we build something greater than the sum of its parts. We collaborate, share, and care for our clients and for each other, as an inspired team.

Interested in Building a Career with MGA?

If you’re looking to be part of a team that supports you and your growth — whatever that may look like for you personally — then you’ve come to the right place. Everyone here at MGA has their own set of professional goals and priorities, and we work with each of our talented teammates to help them build a career and life balance that’s right for them.

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March 27, 2019
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