MGA Turns 27 and Shares Plans About the Future

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Happy birthday to MGA! This month marks 27 years as an independent Firm, and at times, it feels like we are just getting started. We at MGA have never wanted to be just another accounting firm, and we think we’ve done an excellent job with that. We’ve never been satisfied with the status quo. We are continually looking for boundaries to push. And recently, to fulfill our inner need always to push boundaries, we forged a relationship with a Corporate Anthropologist who we have now been working with for about two years.

Are we doing what we say we do? Are we practicing what we preach?

We have always tried to make the complex simple — to be more than just a tax return preparer or an assurance group. We want to be there for our clients when they are thriving, hurting, evolving, transitioning, and any other ‘ing.’ Many of our clients have allowed us to be there to help them and listen as we’ve often had experience with their particular circumstances through another client’s situation or our own Firm experiences.

Pushing 50 employees, new service niches, and revenue growth, we’ve seen our share of crossroads. Our industry is constantly changing, and we are at the point where technology is rife to be a disruptor for us. On top of that, it’s normal news now to read about the mid-sized independent firms merging up with another regional firm.

So that gets us to today — to here. But what does tomorrow bring?

Tomorrow is another day we can be here to support our clients. MGA is still a name and a face that you know. Our team is strong, and after all these years, much stronger than the two partners that set forth to do it differently. We’ve added another partner, continue to cultivate internally, and have changed our corporate structure to be professionally managed with a Director of Operations versus the norm of a Managing Partner that MUST be a CPA. Our management team has exceptional strength as both technical and personal leaders to support our clients. Everyone at MGA talks directly with clients to make a difference. We don’t just push paper to be another cog in the machine.

But there’s more to do. We’re hard at work here.

We’re always looking for additional talent, and today, more than ever, we have more to offer. We’re all-in on technology. We want to leverage technology so computers do the tasks they can do, and we do the tasks that only people can do. It’s a tall order, but we’re up for it. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does start with putting one foot in front of the other, day by day, and moving forward toward progress.

We are transitioning as a Firm so we can be there for you, and it was put in motion 27 years ago. It’s bigger than a Partner, and that’s important because we owe it to you.

If you’re going through some business changes yourself, give us a call! No matter what particular issues you are currently being challenged with, we have likely coached another client through the same problem or have walked through it ourselves here at MGA. And if we don’t have the answer for you, we promise that we will find it. You can trust us always to be your trusted partner.

We are here for you, and we are only planning to get stronger and more advanced for YOU.

October 19, 2018
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