MGA Is Not Your Stuffy Accountants: Meet Renee, Local Houston Artist

Renee Victor

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As Renee Victor approaches her first anniversary with MGA this coming July, we’d like to take some time to showcase the hard work that she dedicates herself to—both in and outside of the Firm.

Here at MGA, Renee supports our tax team in a variety of ways as our Tax Department Administrator. Keeping the tax department operations flowing smoothly, especially during busy season, is a full-speed job in itself. And doing this allows Renee to ultimately fulfill her main passion in life, as she puts it, which is immersing herself in the world of art.

We’re excited to share a small piece of Renee’s journey with you and how MGA fully supports her endeavors.

Tax Department Administrator by Day, Celebrated Artist by Night

For the past thirteen years, Renee has considered herself a painter, although she does dabble in some drawing and sculpture as well. After studying painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, she has been entirely dedicated to building her portfolio.

For the past few years, Renee has been working on some unique and exciting prints. Based on photographs taken from a cave near Austin, TX, these prints are reimagined landscapes with a vibrant, abstract, and futuristic feel. She’s had a lot of fun developing this project, and you can check out the work on her website or follow along on her Instagram. Her goal is to get people thinking into the future. For example, what would it be like to visit another planet? She likes to think outside of the box, and her current work shows that—just like us here at MGA.

How Does She Balance It All?

We really enjoy listening to Renee’s passion as she talks about her art, and that brings us to our next big question for her—how does she balance all of it? Being an artist is a full-time job in itself, Renee explains. From supplies to art transportation to gallery installation, being an artist can also be an expensive endeavor. But to Renee art is worth the sacrifice as she doesn’t consider it a hobby but rather a part of her life calling.

Lately, she’s been digging her teeth into her position here at MGA and finding a perfect balance between her two busy day-to-day worlds. She comments on enjoying the atmosphere here at MGA. With art on the walls and a dynamic, modern working environment, being in the office feeds her creative fire.

“MGA is all about making their clients’ lives easier and helping them fuel their own passionstheir business and personal finances and what they’re contributing to their families and the world. They do the same for me, too, along with everyone else that works here. Being an artist is my avenue to the future, and MGA helps me fuel that passion.”Renee Victor

Let MGA Help You Fuel YOUR Passion

Just as Renee puts it, we at MGA are fully focused on helping both our clients and team members build fulfilling lives—whatever that may mean for them.

Every single team member here at MGA has their own set of professional goals and priorities, and we work with each of them to create a career that embraces that. At MGA, your path is your own path. We will work with you one-on-one to make sure you are growing how YOU want to grow.

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February 22, 2019
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