From Tax Associate to Tax Manager: Adam Barr's MGA Story

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Adam Barr is approaching his sixth anniversary with MGA this coming June, and looking back, we are amazed at what he’s accomplished in his short time with the Firm.

Coming to MGA as a fresh college graduate and strategically working his way up to the tax manager level in just five years, we want to share with you a little more about his unique journey with MGA and how you, too, can build a home here.

From College Graduate to a Firm Leader

In May 2013, when Adam was just three weeks away from his college graduation at Barton College, he had no job opportunities lined up. He was initially applying for jobs in his home state, North Carolina, but after noticing the trend of small accounting firms in the area, he realized there was not a lot of opportunity for growth at that time. A classmate later introduced Adam to LinkedIn, where he began applying for jobs everywhere — Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas; you name it. He was excited about the possibilities that this new platform could bring.

Soon after stumbling upon MGA via LinkedIn and submitting his resume, Adam got a call from Brian Miller and was on his way to Houston for an in-person interview shortly after. After flying out, Adam learned that he not only really liked MGA but he also really liked Houston. It didn’t take long for him to accept a job offer, pack up his things, and move across the country in early June 2013.

Adam has had an exciting journey with MGA since he first came on board almost six years ago. From tax associate to tax senior to tax supervisor to tax manager, Adam has worked extremely hard to get where he is today. He was upfront and clear about his professional goals, and MGA’s management team worked with him to keep him on track throughout the years. The milestones he needed to meet were laid out, and Adam knew exactly what he needed to do to reach his goals and become a firm leader within five years.

MGA Helps You Grow How YOU Want to Grow

Just like Adam, every single team member here at MGA has their own set of professional goals and priorities. Maybe you want to stay in your current role for the remainder of your career, or perhaps you want to advance to a leadership position within the next few years, or possibly you fall somewhere in between.

We like to remind our team that advancement in the Firm is based on your work, not your seniority, and that at the same time, we don’t force advancement if that’s not what you’re seeking. At MGA, your path is your own path. We will work with you one-on-one to make sure you are growing how YOU want to grow.

“MGA is my home. I feel like I belong here, and I feel like the same can be true for anyone who works here. There is a place for you, and MGA’s management team will always work to make sure you are the best you can be in your role. Whatever you are looking for in your professional career, we can create that for you here.” — Adam Barr

Interested in Building a Career with MGA?

MGA is dedicated to hiring the best and brightest professionals that our industry has to offer. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our growing team, please take a look at our open positions and apply for one today.

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January 17, 2019
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