From Client to Director: Pauline Sullinger's MGA Story

Pauline Sullinger

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This month Pauline Sullinger is celebrating her fifth anniversary with MGA, and looking back, it’s been a busy five years!

She came on board as a Director, creating our Finance Accounting Support Team (F.A.S.T.) back in 2014 and recently expanded her role with the creation of our Technology and Strategic Consulting (T.A.S.C.) team.

Pauline was a client of ours before joining the team, and her story is an excellent example of how MGA does things differently. Her CPA was Brian Miller, and she tells us about how it always stuck with her that she had someone she could call no matter the situation. Whether it was accounting issues or more complex business problems, she knew she could count on Brian to be there — and to be there with answers.

Watch the video below, where Pauline shares a small piece of her MGA story with us.

Pauline Makes a Difference at MGA

At MGA, we help every team member build a rewarding career that's right for them. Read what Pauline herself has to say about how MGA has helped her build a professional home where she can make a difference for her clients every day.

"When I was in a big company, I always felt like I didn't make a difference. I could be a hero for a day, but I couldn't necessarily see all of the fruits of my labor. I would just do my job, close the books, and give the numbers.

But now, I create processes. I improve things. I make changes that save our clients money, help them make money, and help them to keep working on their business and not be stressed out about the books. Many business owners don’t understand the reports they are getting or the numbers they are looking at. They need someone who can break it down in layman’s terms and tell them what those numbers really mean.

I feel like, at MGA, I found a home where I can do something really great for owners and businesses. When I was in industry, sure, I did my job every day. But now, I make a difference every day."

Tell Me More about F.A.S.T. and T.A.S.C.

Both of these departments started with a client need. We listened to our clients’ problems, their everyday challenges, and we decided to offer them solutions.

Our Finance Accounting Support Team has been up and running for five years now. We offer a full range of accounting, controller, and financial management services through this dedicated team.

If you don’t want to manage your finance and accounting functions internally, our F.A.S.T. service is your answer! By outsourcing your accounting functions, you can truly focus on growing your business.

Click here to read more about the outsourced services that we offer.

Our Technology and Strategic Consulting team was created for clients who needed counseling on their accounting processes and associated technology tools. This team offers assistance with specific accounting projects and a variety of technology tool implementations.

If you have an in-house accounting team in place (or are currently building one) and are looking for ways to employ efficiencies, our T.A.S.C. team is the solution for you! Let us do the legwork for you, testing new accounting software and programs to find and implement the best solutions for your industry.

Click here to read more about the technology consulting solutions that we offer.

You Can Build a Rewarding Career with MGA, Too!

At MGA, everyone has their own set of professional goals and priorities, and we work with each of our teammates to help them build a rewarding career that’s right for them — just like Pauline.

MGA Careers: View Our Open Positions Today!

If you’re interested in building a career with a firm that does things differently, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever you are looking for in your professional career, we can create that for you here. Please take a look at our open positions and apply for one today.

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April 23, 2019
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