Tech Trends Affecting Business: Let Technology Help, Not Hinder Your Growth

Tech Trends Affecting Business

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At MGA, we’ve always been ready for change, even before it arrives. We’re proactive, not reactive, especially when it comes to tech trends affecting business.

In the video below, our Director of Operations, Michael Miller, shares with us his personal and professional views on technology as well as how MGA is using technology as an additive solution.

MGA’s Approach to Technology

Technology can be looked at in two different frames. One is that it can be a hindrance or an obstacle. Some people look at technology and think that it’s going to hold them down or it’s going to potentially replace them or augment what they do. The other way of looking at technology is it’s a powerful, powerful tool that can help you transform both your business and your personal life.

Here at MGA, we tend to focus on the latter. We love technology and like to look at how we can use it to provide additional value to our lives and then to our clients’ lives.

Our approach to technology is for it to be additive. We look for technology to do the tasks that technically a person can do, but technology can easily do and augment. So that may be simple ticking and tying, mathematical analyses, consolidations, and the basic blocking and tackling tasks.

This allows us to free up our most valuable resource which is our team members so that they can focus on what only people can do and work with clients directly. So if the computer can do a certain task, we can then use our team members to deliver that information personally and talk with clients about what their needs are, what their challenges are, and provide information that helps them make valuable decisions day in and day out.

MGA Strategically Chooses Technology Partners

Over the past year, we have taken many steps to move MGA toward a more robust technology plan. Our goal was to beef up our capabilities to better serve our clients. We stepped back and took a long, hard look at who we partnered with on the technology side.

We noticed that some of the biggest names and brands in the industry were simply making moves where they thought your business needed the moves. They told us what we needed instead of listening to our needs directly.

By strategically partnering up with smaller tech companies that have powerful and efficient software, we found partners that listen to both our needs and our clients’ needs, and they deliver solutions that work for us.

Just like Them, We Are Here to Work with You and Not Simply Tell You What You Need or What to Do

Are you looking for a business partner who can help you stay ahead of the curve? If so, MGA is your answer. With tech trends on the rise, you need a partner who can adapt and keep up.

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March 14, 2019