Roy Marsh's Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Why MGA Is Right For Him

Roy Marsh

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Roy Marsh has been a dedicated client of MGA for more than 20 years. Along the way, he’s set out on many successful business ventures with MGA right by his side.

Starting with Russ Miller at MGA when he was in the pager and cell phone business, Roy and his business partner then transitioned to offering dial-up internet services. These were followed by dedicated hosting. From there, the entrepreneurial ventures transitioned to a mortgage company, then a home building business, and in 2012 they bought eSigns, an online retailer of custom printed signage, banners, and items used in tradeshow displays.

Roy served as eSigns’ CFO for four years before assuming duties as its CEO in the spring of 2016 after his brother and business partner suddenly passed away. Russ was one of those first calls, and as Roy puts it, “You need folks along the way — people that can listen and digest and give you a straight answer.”

MGA Is More Than Their “Tax Guy”

MGA and Russ have provided Roy with a variety of services throughout the years, including tax and audit services as well as introductions to other business professionals that Roy trusted to serve his needs. MGA thinks like problem solvers, Roy shared with us. We like to work with our clients, like Roy, to figure out the best solutions with him.

As Roy called it, “Russ is more than just their ‘tax guy’.” He has also been there to help with crises, which always seem to come along with fast-growing, innovative businesses.

Roy Marsh Thinks Ahead — Just like MGA

When we asked Roy about his business strategy, he laughed and began explaining that the online retail experience is evolving on an hourly basis. Yes, you read that right — hourly.

Roy explains that the path you are on today may last for hours or it may be months, but the path to growth is continuously changing.

“If you look at the unicorns out there, the billion-dollar enterprises that have sprung up in the last few years, it's about data more than it is about an actual product or service.”

He also continued with his perspectives on singularity — the point where machine and mind combine, in the not-to-distant future. Without barriers, they are connected. Looking into the future, for example, people who are blind and have no macular nerve may be able to see because they’ll have a device they can wear, such as glasses on their face, that are connected directly to the brain. From Roy’s perspective, the rate of change is accelerating, and things like this are right around the corner.

“That’s why you’ve got to have folks like Russ who are staying up with those changes for you.”

Entrepreneurs Working with Entrepreneurs

MGA understands the unique needs of entrepreneurs because it is at the root of the MGA culture. Not satisfied with the status quo, MGA set out to do accounting services differently; to do it better. Listening to our clients, it is clear that we continue to think forward with them. As trusted advisors, we help entrepreneurs do what they do best: find innovative ways to open new markets and create real value.

We collaborate on what is coming next and how to anticipate it — from a tax perspective, yes, but also from a business strategy and technology perspective.

Your Goals Are Our Single Focus

More than understanding entrepreneurs’ specific problems and situations, MGA recognizes how creative people think, allowing us to work proactively together towards a common goal — success. Roy Marsh’s story is a perfect example of this.

Regardless of what type of business you are in or are creating, we will work with you to take your complex problems and find simpler solutions.

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April 2, 2019