Robert Martinez and Rockstar Capital: Why MGA Is Right For Them

Rockstar Capital

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We recently took some time to sit down and chat with Robert Martinez, the founder and CEO of Rockstar Capital and long-time client of MGA. We thought it would be wonderful to share his story with others. He has done a remarkable job turning his start-up into quite an amazing success story.

A Little Background on Rockstar Capital

In 2011, Robert founded Rockstar Capital Management and has since directed the underwriting, acquisition, and management of 27 apartment communities consisting of greater than 4,900 rental units. In the last eight years, they have won 15 city and state national apartment association awards and were recently ranked as the 15th fastest-growing company in Houston by the Houston Business Journal.

They do an excellent job at building relationships with their tenants, which is essential. It creates long-term tenants who then refer others to their apartment communities.

Robert shared with us that one of their properties is ranked 39th in the country for online resident satisfaction. These accolades are pretty important considering that in this industry, the profit comes when people renew their leases and not necessarily when they move in. The more turnover they have, the more resources they have to use to get the apartment “ready” again for the next tenant. Keeping residents happy and creating a home-like environment that people want to continue to live in, as Robert told us, is the ultimate compliment — and one key to their success.

What Makes Rockstar Capital Stand Out from the Rest?

Robert understands that there is a lot of competition in the residential apartment market. He asks himself all the time: Why should someone decide they want to live in one of my apartment communities as opposed to another? How can I create not only affordable workforce housing but the best affordable workforce housing?

The answer is right in front of him but challenging to achieve. It’s as simple as understanding how people search for things today and how to cater to them when they are on their “hunt.”

It’s 2019, and we all know that people do much of their research online. Most people are not spending their Saturday mornings touring ten different apartment complexes. Instead, they are doing their research online during the week, and they’re checking out way more than just ten different communities.

Who stands out? The ones with the best reviews, right? However, as choices are quickly narrowed down, what’s next? Thinking outside of the box, Robert decided to show them what it would be like to live in one of his communities.

That’s where Robert’s management company has set itself apart from the competition. They are continually pushing out videos and podcasts to showcase the living experience within their communities. Before ever stepping foot on one of their properties, a prospective tenant can picture exactly what it would be like to call that place their home.

Where Does MGA Come into Play?

The MGA team has been Robert’s trusted accountants since the beginning. In 2007, he started using our tax services while at his first firm, and later when branching out and starting Rockstar Capital, he says it was a no-brainer to continue to use our services.

As Rockstar Capital continued to grow in scope, we noticed that they could benefit from our F.A.S.T. (Finance Accounting Support Team) services.

Don’t just take our word for it; read what Robert himself has to say about how MGA has helped bring his management company to new heights.

“We used a third-party bookkeeping service. We don’t have that in-house. Moreover, like many others, we’ve done it the mom-and-pop way. We went with either family and friends, or we went with a low-cost provider.

From experience, I can say that there’s a difference when you go with a firm like MGA. It has been a game-changer for us, in terms of how we manage our books. We get analytical information and suggestions. They’ve taken a lot of the work off of our plate, and they’ve put it on their plate — where it belongs. This relationship has allowed me to focus on buying more apartment deals, to focus on our residents. I am now able to free-think and spend more time focusing on what I want to focus on.

I remember when onboarding with them, they told me that they were here and they were going to help me grow my business and free up my time. It was 100% true. MGA has done a tremendous job.

They've watched us grow. I mean, when I came on board with the F.A.S.T. program three years ago, we were probably just a little bit more than half the size we are right now. Now, we have around 19 active properties. We've made 20 acquisitions. We finance events where we return 100% of our investor's capital to them in a set period. That all requires a lot of expertise and bookkeeping and competency. MGA was quick to pick up the unique intricacies of our business. When you don't have to clean up the mess, you don't have to look backward. You can keep looking forward. That's what they've allowed for us.

As I mentioned before, we have been ranked the 15th fastest-growing company in Houston, all within the three or four years since working with MGA’s F.A.S.T. program. Which is a credit to us, I think, but also a credit to their ability to help us facilitate that growth.”

Is Our F.A.S.T. Team Right for You, Too?

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your controller services, we’re ready to help. Our Finance Accounting Support Team (F.A.S.T.) provides a full range of accounting, controller, and financial management services. We recommend this service for clients who do not want to manage their finance and accounting functions internally. For business owners seeking a reputable outsourced provider, we are their answer. By outsourcing their accounting functions, they can truly focus on growing their business.

MGA Attracts Like-minded Clients

MGA, just like Rockstar Capital, attracts clients who are setting a standard and differentiating themselves from the market. We like to think with fresh eyes, and we are finding that we attract the same type of thinking.

How can we help you and your business grow? How can we help you make the complex simple?

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April 8, 2019