Our Sad and Lonely Server Room—A Fleeting Memory of a Time Past


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Recently, we passed our Director of Operations in the Server Room at our office and noticed a peculiar grimace on his face. Seeing a half smile, half frown, we asked what was going on, which led to an interesting dialogue.

Michael responded with enthusiasm, “This room is only a distant resemblance of what it once was.” Yes, the mighty Server Room was once a hustling, bustling hub of activity—configured with multiple massive steel server racks, patch panels, dedicated power circuits, and climate control units. Now all that resides in one server rack is a single appliance with an indicator light, slowly flickering every few seconds. Ironically, as this room has dwindled in importance, the firm is larger than ever, processing more and more data points and pushing through its highest volume of work to date.

It’s a sign of the times and one we are quite excited about and proud of.

Talk about change! In 2018, we took a 27-year-old firm and changed the IT infrastructure overnight. Actually, it was more like five months of proper planning followed by a controlled and highly tested cutover, but overnight was what it felt like for our team members.

This is no different than mom and pops vs. big box or colossal malls vs. online retailers of yesteryear. Change is the only constant in our world, but today it’s happening faster, and the scope is larger.

At MGA, we’ve always been ready for change, even before it arrives. For example, we saw that the source of our computing power was changing, so we got ahead of the curve and found a remote solution that bolstered our data security, made scalability easier, and streamlined how we do our work.

We take this same approach when looking for ways to enhance our relationship with our clients and help them in their daily work. We’re proactive, not reactive.

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Day in and day out, we’re here to help make the complex simple.

We’d love to share our personal and business experience with you so that your business can run that much smoother. In the meantime, we’re now trying to answer the most pressing question at hand—can we fit a ping pong table in our old Server Room?

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May 17, 2018