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It’s happening all around us, and even to us, here at MGA. Technology providers are boldly claiming that you need these fancy new software systems, and you need them now if you want to keep your business from falling behind.

We’d like everyone to take a breath and realize that these are scare tactics being used by companies every day to pressure business owners into a sale. We encourage you to take a step back and understand what’s happening so you are not rushed into a decision that may not be the right fit for you.

Here are some tips on how you can evaluate what you really need before taking the plunge and investing in new technology.

Don’t Fall for These Claims: How to Determine If You Really Need All This New Technology

  1. You need this new technology to beat the competition.

Beating the competition with software is a point that many tech providers will drive home to get that sale.

Everyone else is using it, and if you don’t too, you risk falling behind!

Technology can indeed help your business soar by automating many tasks and improving your accuracy, but what the tech providers don’t mention is that it has to be RIGHT for you and your business for it to work.

It also has to be implemented correctly for it to add value to your business. This means having someone adequately trained to operate the new software, understanding all the features available, and having an action plan that will allow for a seamless transition.

Don’t forget that the amount of money you are spending on the software is important, too.

  1. You need this new product because it’s AMAZING, and it has EVERYTHING.

Every tech product is “amazing” and is marketed as having “everything” you need, but there is no one size fits all when it comes to technology. Everyone has problems and disadvantages that they aren’t showcasing. Sure the system may be great, but what no one will admit is that it’s expensive and half of its great features aren’t even being used.

When determining if a product is a right fit for you, keep in mind that most businesses don’t need “everything.” You likely need a product that is in your budget and gets the job done smoothly.

Don’t pay extra for all these bells and whistles that you will never actually need or use. Be realistic when evaluating a potential product’s list of features. Remember that with most software systems, you can upgrade to add users or functionality later down the road. If a provider makes you buy extra users or functionality upfront, they may not be a collaborative partner.

  1. This system is better than that system, hands down.

Another lie we are often told is that this system over here is better than that system over there. From experience, we can honestly say that most software systems do the same things. Sure, they all have different looks and feels and advantages and disadvantages, but overall, they all get the same job accomplished.

We encourage you to get out and demo some of the top providers. Shop around. Explore them all. Only then can you determine which product is the right solution for you.

MGA Can Help You Evaluate Your Options

All reputable software providers usually are pushing amazing products on you, and most systems can make everything fit together for you just as you need. Don’t let these software providers scare you into thinking that a decision has to be made immediately or that their product is the only solution. You should only move forward when you are confident that the price and product match your wants and needs.

We understand that it’s challenging and time-consuming to look around and know which product will serve you and your business best. That’s why we created our Technology and Strategic Consulting (T.A.S.C.) team, to help you with just that. We can help you find reputable software systems that both match your budget and your needs.

Learn More: Our Technology Consulting Team Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve

You won’t go out of business without technology (at least not today), but it can enhance your business if you let it.

It needs to be a good fit for you, at a good value, and it needs to be something that you or a provider like MGA can implement for you without slowing down your daily business operations. It’s simply going to make things more efficient — freeing you and your staff up to grow your business in other ways.

Can we help you stay ahead of the curve with our technology consulting services?

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May 1, 2019