Core Legal Concepts LLC: Why MGA Is Right For Them

Core Legal Concepts LLC

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Core Legal Concepts has been on board with MGA since 2014, and we are proud to be their trusted resource when it comes to all things finance and accounting related.

What makes our relationship with Core unique? Core went out looking for a partner that didn’t need direction from them — someone to take the reins that they could trust to do it right.

Read on to learn more about Core Legal’s business journey and how we make the complex simple for them.

More about Core Legal Concepts

“Core is a trial presentation powerhouse,” as their website states. They work closely with some of the biggest and best law firms, helping their teams to prepare for a trial in a modern, technology-rich world. The Core team is there to support the trial team with their presentations. Anything that goes on a screen in a courtroom is their specialty.

“Why we exist is when lawyers say, ‘Now let's take a look at,’ it's either a complex graphic explaining how a hip implant works or how a heart attack happens or how an oil rig exploded. It could be that complex, something that takes hundreds of thousands of dollars and all this time to build working with experts, or it could be as simple as, ‘Let's take a look at exhibit 14," which is a PDF.” — Eric Pubentz

Core Legal, much like MGA, makes the complex simple, for lawyers, juries, and judges alike.

The Core Legal Culture

Ten years ago, Eric Pubentz, Kim Levine, Donnie Guillory, and Derrick Sample all set out to do their own thing — but to do it differently. At the time they were all working together at a larger company that was growing at a rapid pace. The changes were unsettling. They knew it was time to break off and start their own company. That’s when Core Legal was founded.

The founding team knew what they liked and what they didn’t like, and that allowed them to lay a solid foundation for Core Legal. For starters, they all agreed that commuting to an office and paying real estate costs, only to spend time communicating with clients and each other via email, seemed very wasteful. They decided to become a completely remote team, totally virtual, and it worked.

Core Legal also wanted to have happy employees and create a space where every team member can come to them with something and always find an answer.

Eric Pubentz, one of Core’s founding team members, tells us with great pride, “We've never had anyone quit. We started this company in September of 2009, and no one has ever resigned.”

What Core Legal is doing — the culture that they have built — is quite remarkable.

Core and MGA: What Happens When Like-minded Businesses Partner Up

Brian and MGA have made Core’s accounting a breeze. And while that may sound like a simple aspect to running a business as a whole, this has taken much weight off the four partners’ shoulders. They no longer need to worry if things are getting done and if they are getting done correctly.

Having a completely remote team means that they have accounting needs in many states, which was one of the biggest headaches. Eric was constantly receiving letters from tax entities all over the country and the federal government saying there were penalties for this and interest for that. Things were going wrong all the time. That’s when they were referred to MGA. And Eric tells us that it only took the MGA team a few months to turn around years of complex, inaccurate tax material.

“Our relationship with Miller Grossbard allows us to always look at our finances from 35,000 feet. I don’t have to know any of the details. They review our financials every quarter and tell us exactly how much we need to pay for our quarterly payments, and it's just so easy. They're always right on top of that. And I think that was our goal from them, to stop us from ever being surprised by tax bills again.” — Eric Pubentz

When we asked Eric how the new tax laws were impacting him or if he’s comfortable that it’s under MGA’s control, he said, “I’m not worried. I know that it’s all over the place, and things are ill-defined, and it’s always changing. I don’t know to what extent we qualify for anything that’s changed, but that’s what MGA does. And they’ve stayed on top of that for us.”

We Make the Complex Simple for Core Legal Concepts

What we hear from Eric is that there’s a high level of trust in their relationship with MGA. The communication is good, and we help them sleep well at night.

In other words, we make the complex simple for them.

How can we make the complex simple for you and your business? We are ready to dive in and take the weight off your shoulders.

Let’s talk!

March 20, 2019