9 Pieces of Advice for Women in the Workplace

Women in the Workplace

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Women and men are different. Seems obvious, right? Not so in business. Not every employee or manager understands this.

To be the best version of yourself, especially as a leader within your organization, we suggest embracing these differences and working them to your advantage.

A few of our team members recently attended PrimeGlobal’s 2019 North American Women’s Leadership Conference. They learned how to strengthen communication skills, build resilience, and conquer internal limitations.

In this blog, we’re sharing their nine key takeaways from the conference. These powerful lessons left our team members feeling inspired and empowered to bring about change.

9 Things We Wish Every Woman in the Workplace Could Hear

  1. Use your instinctual talents. Women are generally empathetic and inspiring managers. Match these unique skill sets to the right employees, and watch the employees grow.
  2. Women have a high tolerance for pain, but don’t break yourself. Understand that if your gas tank is empty, you can’t do anything for anyone else.
  3. Let’s face it, women can be each other’s worst critics. Sponsor other women (not mentor); there is a difference. A sponsor sees the talents in you and helps you to achieve the next level.
  4. Women can be powerful, emotionally intelligent leaders. Learning to understand and harness your emotions can make you a force in the workplace.
  5. Find your voice, learn how to use your voice, and decide what you want to say. 
  6. If you want something, ASK! You are your only advocate. If you want to be partner, let them know that.
  7. Don’t assume that your bosses know exactly what you do every day, and don’t assume that you will get that raise if you simply work hard. It all comes down to performance and communication. Let them know when things go right, and let them know when you overcome an obstacle. These are the behaviors that make the compensation conversation much more fruitful.
  8. Remember that competition is not gender specific. Compete at the highest level, and don’t be afraid to break the glass ceiling to get where you want to go.
  9. Oftentimes we fail and retreat. Do not be afraid to “fail forward.”  Boost yourself by using these learning moments that shape the fabric of who we are.

We Invest in Our People Here at MGA

At MGA, we offer many unique opportunities and programs to help our team members grow. We have some who are currently participating in a six-month Personal Development Program which is being led by a Corporate Anthropologist — an outside consultant not from our industry. The program is optional and offered to every single team member who is looking for ways to grow both their personal and professional lives. We have others who are participating in a one-year leadership program hosted by PrimeGlobal, and we have another group participating in the two-year Vistage Emerging Leader Program.

On top of those three distinct programs, we also send team members to different conferences, like the Women’s Leadership Conference mentioned here in this blog, to get inspired with new ideas and new perspectives.

As a Best of the Best Firm, we make it a top priority to invest in our folks. If you're looking to join a Firm who pours into you, both personally and professionally, check out our open positions and apply for one today. We are always looking to add great talent to our growing team.

We Can Help You Invest in Your People Too

On the flip side, if you’re a business owner who is seeking advice on how you can empower and inspire your own great team, we are here to help. We are happy to share the things that we do as a Firm to both attract and retain our exceptional talent in order to help you do the same.

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June 18, 2019